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Some ideas please


Hi I am not sure if this is the right place to do this but here goes! We are hoping to move across the valley from where we currently live in the Black Mountains. The ‘hopefully’ new house overlooks a rocky outcrop called the Graig. The house is called Craig View, we want it to be more Welsh and can’t have Ty Craig. I thought I would see what people might come up with! Any ideas …croeso! Jacqui


How about Gwêl Y Graig
(golwg is another word for ‘view’, but personally I think gwêl sits better in this instance)


Helo Siaron, diolch. Syniad da Iawn. I hope I have got that right! I didn’t like golwg or golygfa. I have just finished level 2 but still haven’t done the speaking. I plan to redo level1 & 2 !
Thanks for your idea! Jacqui


How about Trem y Graig?


Trem y Graig would work too. I quite like the alliteration of using gwêl, but trem is another good alternative to golwg/golygfa.