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Some more info on participants *Welsh Weekend with Cymdeithas yr Iaith in Caernarfon*


Hwreeee @cetra-coverdale-pear :slight_smile:


Do achos est ti i benwythnos Bethesda @RichardBuck :slight_smile:


Shumae Nia, Dw i’n dysgu ar lefel 1 gyda SSiW.
I’m really not sure if my Cymraeg is good enough to mingle with Level 2 veterans. Beth wneud ti’n meddwl?


Dwi ‘di gneud fy archeb / order. Dwi’n mynd yng Ngaernarfon blwyddyn nesaf! Dwi’n hapus iawn.
Dwi ‘di dysgu llawer yn ysgriffenu ar y wefan! / website!
Hwyl am y tro @nia.llywelyn @cetra-coverdale-pear


Wedi archebu rŵan :smile:


I’ve signed up too! Really excited :slight_smile: I’ll be driving so could help with lifts as well if needed.


I have also booked my place. Looking forward to it and to meeting everyone.


Jump in! You’ve got nothing to lose and your Welsh can only benefit, even if you do a lot of listening, but there is always a variety of activities so you’ll learn from doing :slight_smile:


Yes of course @gareth-mitchell, you’ll be well looked after


Apparently there’s only 4 places left on the course!
Get cracking if you want a room to stay in Llety Arall or of course, if it’s too late, there are other accomodations, but they could be more pricey :slight_smile:


At this rate they’ll be all gone before I can remind people in the next newsletter!! It’s turning into a mini SSiW Bwtcamp :slight_smile:


That was a challenge and I’m not convinced I pressed the right buttons but I got a message back from worlpay saying

Do you know if this means it’s accepted my playment or have I just pledged a donation to the Free Wales revolution


I think mine said that too – the text says thanks for your archeb (order), cyfraniad (donation) or ymaelodi (joining). They’ll probably send you a more personal e-mail soon too.

Do think about joining Cymdeithas though – it’s only £1.50/month and they do good work!


Your name is down @gjpearce, I’ve just seen the list.
I’ll make enquiries now @gareth-mitchell :slight_smile:


Your order did go through successfully @gareth-mitchell :smile:

Dim lle ar ôl rwan/ nawr :slight_smile:


So looks like we’ve got @cetra-coverdale-pear @gareth-mitchell @elizabethliney @RichardBuck @sue-21 and @nia.llywelyn (in an official capacity!) at least, maybe more!

Does anyone want to keep in touch, coordinate lifts, siarad Cymraeg – and avoid annoying everyone on here who isn’t going? Maybe a whatsapp group? Happy to coordinate, DM me your number if so.

I’m planning to head over there a couple of days early to make a longer holidayspeak more Welsh :slight_smile:


I’m happy to do that but where are you located. I’m in Hampshire so was considering a drive. Initially was going to by ferry because I work in Dublin but not sure if I have a contract for 2020 so I’m looking at alternatives. WhatsApp sounds a good idea.


I’m in Cambridge – I doubt anyone else is coming from here (or at the same time as me), but happy to help with pick-ups in the local area e.g. Bangor/Caergybi/etc. if anyone isn’t driving.


Scraped through by the skin of my teeth then.


I’ve just bought a train ticket, scheduled to arrive in Bangor 17:40 on the Friday but gawn ni weld - I’d be happy to scrounge a lift if it’s convenient, but I’m equally happy to sus out bus times or attempt polite conversation with a taxi driver. I’ll DM you my number in case it’s useful for attempting to co-ordinate.