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Speaking practice (Level1)


I have completed the first 20 challenges at level 1. I believe that I have done quite well so far and I am looking forward to completing the last 5 challenges. However, I have done very little speaking practice. Can anyone help or offer advice?


Have you joined the WSP (Welsh Speaking Practice) group on Slack? You can have one-to-one or group chats there and there are learners and speakers from all over the world to chat to.
If you haven’t yet joined, you’ll need an invitation - just ask for one.

Covid has affected a lot of actual meet-ups, but it’s worth seeing if there are any groups local to you who are managing to do socially distanced meets or zoom alternatives.

And the biggest bit of advice - just go for it! Everyone has nerves about speaking to others to start with but the only way to get over those nerves is to take a deep breath and jump in. Don’t worry about mistakes, don’t worry about running out of things to say - these are things your brain comes up with because it’s out of its comfort zone. Call its bluff and say whatever you can - remember, you don’t have to do an hour’s worth straight off! If you start every conversation in Welsh (shwmae/bore da/pnawn da/noswaith dda/ etc) it’s much easier to re-programme your brain into knowing that this is actually within its comfort zone! :wink:


Thank you Siaron. Will the chats involve soundcloud? Are they video chats?


No, they don’t involve soundcloud. They can be video chats or just audio ones.




Is Slack free to use? Will my subscription to SSiW cover me to use Slack?


Slack is free. :slight_smile:




Siaron - I have just realised that I do have a Slack account (User Name etc). Do I still have to be invited to the WSP?


I think so, but I’m not really that techy! I’d check if WSP (Welsh Speaking Practice) is listed among your workspaces, and if it isn’t, I guess you’d need the invite.


Thanks Siaron. I have now requested an ivite to the WSP group on Slack


Hi David

I am in the same boat. Challenge 17 for me but I still haven’t managed to do much speaking practice either. I’m a scardey cat! So you are definitely not alone in being a bit behind the speaking curve!


I’m happy to chat online with you if you’d like