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SSi - official statement regarding Covid-19/Coronavirus


If you can… I would do so.
Individual choices…can still make a difference - no matter when the Government or employers decides to go for stricter measures.
Hopefully people will not crowd in the shop - but you also might try and push for a bit of safety measures (like having less people allowed in at the same time).

Also avoiding visits to relatives (and of course friends) is a very good idea.
Of course, helping one another with shopping, but without going in the house and keeping at a distance as much as possible.
It is weird in the beginning…but I guess it’s worth it.
Take care!


Thanks. I can only go by the shop policy they have no restrictions sore subject at the moment. Shops not closed. Sore subject.


Yeah, unfortunately it’s still an issue here in many work places - and despite what’s going on since quite a while now!
(not many shops now, because they all had to close except for food and basic necessities- related ones). But hopefully more and more people will behave responsibly, and/or stricter measures will be taken.


My shop is now closed.

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To help health researchers understand how Covid-19 is spreading in the community and work to deal with it as best they can, a free app has been developed asking people to report daily on their health.


Thanks, Aran. Stay safe, all.


Glad to hear that, and hope that you’re going to get the support you need.


If anyone would like the oppoetunity to increase your vocabulary in relation to all things Covid-19 there are two UK Government documents available on line in Welsh:

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Sorry to butt in quicky. hi @gisella-albertini Thinking of you all. There’s been some pretty harrowing news items, and yet you all seem to be using it to guide us over here.


Thanks a million for your kind words, Aran! :sparkles::rose::sunflower: I don’t share the lockdown experience, as I’ve been going to work as usual. I’m thankful that I’m not parked at home, but that I can do something to help. :broom::dash:

Take good care and stay well and healthy :two_hearts: