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SSi - state of play, January 2018


Thanks, tatjana. I’ll give Clecs a try and see if there are people talking about things that I’m interested in. I have a Twitter account, but never tweet though I follow quite a few Welsh accounts on there, some of which post in Welsh, some in English and some bilingually.

I do have an ambitious Welsh project that I want to work on this year, but that’s on Youtube, but it would be good to be more active on the right social media to promote it. That’s assuming I actually manage to get the project under way. There’s a huge learning curve to climb first!


You will do everything just fine, I know you will. :slight_smile:


That’s great, thanks Aran & @CatrinLliarJones

I must say that I wasn’t expecting the U-Tube channel. That’s really is impressive. I’ve subscribed as number 71. Also, I just searched on SSIW and there it all is. Its in my saved searches now. Fantastic. I’ve just been watching you on the Dal Ati clips. I’ll be dipping in and out from now on. :slight_smile:

Its brilliant that you are providing all of this content on so many different “platforms” and yet, that it is so convenient to obtain all that is required without actually having to leave this site.

As for me, I’m still fairly new to all these various types of media, but am finding it so interesting to learn about them at the same time as I am improving on my Welsh.

Finally, I must say that this month, I feel that I have moved into a completely new gear. :slight_smile:

Sorry, it should have read:
In U-Tube, I searched SSIW and there it was.


Hi Margaret
A few of us from here are on Clecs, Twitter and the various Facebook Welsh pages. I am generally JohnYoung or JohnYoungls. The l is an L.


Gwych - well done you! :star: :star2:


The learning curve relates to learning how to make and edit videos, which is new to me. But I need a challenge now I’m retired. :slight_smile:


I understood this and if you need any help, here I am. :slight_smile:


Thanks! :slight_smile: I also need some better weather and sadly no one can help with that, I just have to wait! :umbrella:


Great update Aran - thanks.
As far as the ‘grandfathering arrangements’ are concerned though, I am already paying £10pm. I think I remember that this was for some sort of enhanced membership, but what would be the future situation?




Yes, that would be the Growth Club - which has been utterly invaluable to us - we’ve now closed doors to the Growth Club, and the plan is to stop taking payments by the end of this year at the latest, while leaving GC members will full access to everything for ever… :slight_smile:


Diolch Aran.


Hmm… Apparently you have 107 subscribers as of this moment. Er, make that 108. So lets see that nicer URL! :wink:


See: The SSi YouTube channel :slight_smile:


Hello Aran and all the other great folks at and behind SSiW! I was a subscriber several years ago and now that i’ve got a somewhat stable income again i’d like to subscribe and support the project again, but the new site has changed quite a bit and i can’t actually seem to find any place to subscribe anymore. The new courses also appear to be free? Or was my old account never de-activated? Are there any other ways to support the SSiW and the other SSi projects at the moment?


Hi Ricardo, and welcome back! And thank you very much indeed for your kind support… :slight_smile: :heart:

If you try to click on any of the Level 2 lessons, you should be prompted to subscribe - let me know if that doesn’t work for you… :slight_smile:


Ah, you are right! I haven’t made it that far in the course yet (just finished challenge 14 last night). Thanks for the help! I believe i was able to subscribe. Ah, yes, just received the welcome e-mail. I am also very interested in smaller endangered languages and would happily contribute (monetarily or with course building) to a Basque course.


Wwwww… you speak Euskara?!


I’ve been studying it for several years now, i’m hoping to move to the Basque Country this year or next to study Basque Philology there :slight_smile:

EDIT: Btw, just noticed on my subscription page it says the following:

You’re currently signed up to the Single subscription plan. You’ve been signed up since 1 Feb 2018, paying £395.00 monthly. Thank you.



Yikes! @kinetic - looks as though we have a floaty decimal point on the subscription page - or have we set it to show a running total? If so, um, I think the monthly fee might be what people are expecting to see, and might lead to fewer heart attacks…:wink:

I’d love to have a Basque course - really, really want to learn it myself one of these days. We’ll have to have a chat at some point… :slight_smile:


Definitely! I’ve been working on making some materials for English speakers for the past year or so and have contacts with a few native speakers who are also interested in spreading the language/making it more accessible. There are surprisingly quite a few good books available and the very comprehensive site (which also has an English version), but audio courses like SSiW are just so much more fun!