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If it’s going to start at 6pm in Wales, then that’s 18:00 BST (17:00 GMT). We put our clocks forward as well :slight_smile:


I’m not sure I’ll be ready in time for this one - it’s turning into a hectic month - but I’ll definitely try to figure this out at some point… :slight_smile:


We all do, that’s the point. I am one hour ahead of you all in UK so it’s still 18 in wales and 19 where I live.


Yes, but GMT doesn’t put the clock forward - it stays on UTC, so the UK is now 1 hour ahead of GMT and you (and the rest of Europe apart from Portugal) are 2 hours ahead of GMT, but for people outside of Europe who need to know what the GMT/UTC time is, I give that as well :slight_smile:


I like to use an app like worldtimebuddy, or timeanddate when planning an event across timelines - but there are dozens of others I am sure. Does anyone have a favorite?

Where I live has always been 8 hrs behind the UK but it never occurred to me until now that the Spring ahead, Fall back regime might be coordinated! Thanks for clearing up any question about this.

Anyway, Pacific is Second Life standard because they started in San Francisco I suppose. So I will generally post events in SL time and amser Cymru, both. Thanks for the reminder how important this can be. :wink:

Heading into week 7 of 6 months. Feeling a bit… whelmed. Looking forward to seeing more folks in-world. :slight_smile:


Having friends in New Zealand where the difference is sometimes 11 hours (when we’re on summer time) and sometimes 13 hours (when they’re on summer time) and family in Western Australia that doesn’t change the clock at all, I’m very used to accommodating everyone’s time requirements :joy:


To be honest, the times were always tricky for me. I’m not sure I’d come but I’ll take that at my time this is 7 pm as I’m an hour ahead of UK/Wales no matter Summer or Winter time though.


S’mae Pawb~
Dw i ddim gwybod os medra i mynd i SSiW, neu SL, am tua mis.

Crazy busy at work, and I’ve fallen behind in my studies, so I will hit ‘pause’ if I can’t catch up this week, before it becomes hopeless. This stretch of challenges is quite… challenging.

It was great fun to meet a few people at the virtual clubhouse, a little sad no one has been able to enjoy the cool new island castle I set up for us. (Hope it wasn’t something I said! :flushed:).

I think you are all great, and the program is fantastic. Sadly, without sustained interest having the sim available, I will have to let them both go since it does cost a few Linden to maintain each month. No worries, someone will pick this idea up and make it fly when (if) the time is right.

Happy Earthday! where ever you are…