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Tetbury, Gloucestershire - Conversation Group


Hello, I was wondering if there are any other learners in or around Tetbury, Gloucestershire? If so it would be good to hear from you and consider if we could help each other by forming a conversation group.

Many thanks,


Why not come to the Gloucester meeting?



Hello Francis, If you are still looking for people to chat with in Welsh, I live in the North Cotswolds and would welcome the opportunity to practice. Best wishes, Anne.


Hello Tony. Sorry I’m months late in replying but my account had gone funny. Do you meet with others in Wotton?


Hello Anne. Sorry about the delay but I’ve had some account problems I think. How far north are you?


Hello Francis, I’m in Bourton (O-T-W).


Francis is at Bwtcamp with us this week, but still keen to find other Welsh speakers/learners in the area.


I’m near Dursley


Sorry I just saw your message. If you would like us to explore meeting up or maybe chatting online / by phone please contact me (by DM if you prefer).


Hi Deborah, so sorry I didn’t see your message sooner. Hopefully Francis will get in touch.


I’ve discovered that there is a monthly meet in Hawkes House, Thornbury 2-p m Wed 30 October- that’s a nice easy drive for me.


Yep, next meet in Thornbury at Hawkes House is next Wednesday the 30th at 14:30. A bit of a way from Tetbury I know, but not so far from Wotton/Dursley etc.


I live in Tetbury and am interested in a group.

Andy Woolley


Hello Andy,
I live in the North Cotswolds and definitley need more Welsh conversation. I’d be happy to meet up somewhere to sgwrsio.


email me on if still interested in a Tetbury meet up. We could meet the Royal Oak or one of the other pubs or in the daytime at Café 53. Andy