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The '5 Min' Test- week 18 'SENTENCES' recording **Pink to Red badge** 🔴 (Awarded Mondays)


Da iawn @laraine.


I still have no idea how to record things. Sorry I just can’t do it. Don’t have the tech skills.


Hi Carly, please don’t worry. If it makes life easier, I am willing to award you your Speaking Practice Challenges badges based on someone else listening to you speaking your sentences/questions/answers, rather than you having to record and upload them?

So if you If you are in touch with any other learners and can get one of them to listen to you via phone-call or other method, then all you have to do is post here to tell me you have completed it! Some learners already do this. :smiley:


Congratulations @richard-cresswell @jonathanporter @rich @laraine - fabulous efforts! You are now RED! :smile:



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Done it but I’ve no idea if I’ve uploaded it correctly! :grin:

#1312 I made them up as I went along…


Done it :grinning: swper


I’ve recorded it on my laptop…but may take some time to upload it.



Think I’ve sort of done it. Phew.


Sorry long gap before any Welsh speaking, (with a heavy West country accent )


I’ve been making them up through the weeks, but had to write them down (in English) to actually record them - brain didn’t want to co-operate otherwise!


Fabulous @rhiquinn, well done on completing the task! Just wanted to check if you have a recording for me to listen to? Or did you mean to post in the Going PINK thread? :wink:


Fantastic efforts all of you! You are now RED! Llongyfarchiadau! :smile:



I have done my sentences on SoundCloud twice and I think I have them in the public mode but cannot see how to link them To the forum. I seem to have lost clip it altogether. As I have said before I am not good with technology so although I am enjoying the course I think I must pass on some of these tasks.


No worries, Margaret! I’ll sort your red badge out for you now. :slight_smile:

Still terrible, but the right recording!

Still terrible, but the right recording!
#1324 Mae n ddrwg gen i - llawer o stopio.