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The '5 Min' Test- week 18 'SENTENCES' recording **Pink to Red badge** 🔴 (Awarded Mondays)


Never mind the content - working out how to record and post the darn thing deserves a de-pinking in itself! :wink:


I agree, I am now sat in a darkened room in shock :-0 Dw i ddim yn licio technoleg :slight_smile:


If I’d been asked to do it on a cassette recorder, that would have been a doddle but unfortunately it appears cassettes don’t fit in the computer slots for downloading (oh, the joys of being of a certain age :wink: )


Oh, so that is why the USB port broke… I wondered why the C90 wouldn’t fit… :wink: Oh yes, the joys… :laughing:


Superb work, newly red ladies and gentlemen… :star: :star2:


I realised afterwards that I didn’t say “that I need” - does it still count?

Also lots of “ums” and “ers”, and lots of repetition of verbs.


so this really is a call to the barricades, capitano

Stepping up to the barricades generalissimo :smile:, here’s my bid for the coveted crimson icon (albeit not embedded - sori)
Huw’s attempt

Please believe that when I wasn’t performing for such a huge audience, there were no fluffs, hesitations or restarts. :wink:


Had me laughing from the first sentence…:wink:

Great work, folks! :star: :star2:


Not sure if it just my iPad, but I had to do this on my laptop in the end. The files are not showing on my iPad, just a big blank space where they should be. This might be helpful to someone or I might be being rather dense…!?!


That was bloody stressful.


@a_jay, first of all when you put the recording on Soundcloud. you have to put it to be accessible to the discorse to create an embed what actually means it has to be kind of public (like on YouTube when you put the setting that those with the link can see video for example), otherwise it will not appear here. When this is done, you paste just pure link of the track on here and software will recognize itself as an audio from soundcloud and embed it.

I hope it helps. If this still doesn’t work, you’d have to tell some more details in order to one could offer some more help.

Sorry, it’s obviousl it’s about 1:20 AM here and I just didn’t go through the end of the topic to see that you actually managed to post the recording on here after all. So, ignore my message. I’d delete it but it wouldn’t be deleted anyway, despite what software says so let it be here in case someone else would have the same troubles. :slight_smile:

Oh, and I don’t know how many of you know that you can actually record directly to the soundcloud itself so you don’t need to upload additionally? If you give the permition to Soundcloud to access and use your microphone of course. I’ve tried and sometimes the quality of recording is mcuh better than recording separately and uploading afterwards. :slight_smile:


Oh, is that possible? Can you tell me how, please?

I looked for such a feature – I knew that YouTube has one like that, for example – but didn’t see one immediately, so I went through Audacity in the end, recording to WAV with audacity and then uploading the WAV file.


Oh, I thought you were just going to buy me a pint for your red? Didn’t we agree that?

Still, lovely to have the recording as well… :slight_smile:


Nope, no pints off me now. I may buy Catrin a gin but that’s because she’s nice to me.


What’s going on with the green badges? I’ve read the “cwestiwn” thread but it doesn’t clarify things for me. Are we becoming a bit too “badgist”?

Edit 30 secs later. I’ve just found the answer in the speaking practice thread.
Can I be a pain and ask to revert to my civilian, un-badged status? - “it’s not you, it’s me” :slight_smile:


Post a question on SoundCloud, get a green badge?

Nope, I don’t think so. No need to rush through them, no need to do them if you don’t feel like it - but a LOT of people responded to the 5 Minute Test by saying more challenges like that would be good - and I think we also have the opportunity here to build a new environment of extra support for all our learners - because at heart, everything we ‘badge’ in any way will be a step that helps improve your Welsh (based on everything we’ve learnt with Bootcamps and Brain Shock courses)… :slight_smile:


Diolch Aran - Our posts (with my edit) crossed in the ether.


One of the things we’re doing here is helping build a visual environment that will show new learners who’s around them, who’s helping them, what sort of skills other people have, what’s possible, all that sort of stuff - which I think will be enormously helpful for them, so I’d love you to keep your red badge…:slight_smile:


Did you do this on a desktop, Tatjana? I can’t see where the option is!.. so I could do with some help :wink: :slight_smile:


so I’d love you to keep your red badge

Ok - will do. :smile:

I hope I made it clear in my edit that I was just expressing my personal preference/foible. As you, and many othere know, I don’t represent the norm on this forum (or indeed in the human species generally) :laughing: