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The '5 Min' Test- week 18 'SENTENCES' recording **Pink to Red badge** 🔴 (Awarded Mondays)




Llongyfarchiadau @barbara-hall and @grahame-thomas, you are now RED! :smiley:


Oh god I hate it so much, now to post it and never listen again!


How do I make a recording on I’ve reached challenge 10 level 1 and want to improve but find not being able to record anything is impeding my learning,
Many thanks

Kay Richmond

User 677125818 · SSiW First Sentences



Here is my recording. I found the technology harder than the Welsh (and that is hard enough!).


Soundcloud uploading dilemma

Many apologies dear friends, but I won’t be rewarding badges this week. Don’t worry though, it’s not you, it’s me. :wink:

We’ve had an epic week here at the Jones household and for the first time since lockdown, I’ve failed to put sufficient time to one side, in order to sit down and reward you with your coloured badges.

Don’t worry, though, I will be here on Monday rewarding each and every one of you with your badges.

You have all worked so very hard on your Speaking Practice tasks and continue to do so with so much gusto, so thank you.

Congratulations to all of you for getting this far and all the best with the next task.

Badges coming on Monday!!! :smiley:


I’ve been doing the Southern course

OH MY GOD I feel a total amateur. Most people are using tons of words I do not know yet. I know most I’ve listened to must be doing the North course as there are lots I don’t understand. I’d be really grateful if anyone can listen (I know I can’t) to mine and see where I’m going wrong - it’s super basic comparatively.


You’re pronunciation is excellent, your sentences are excellent - and the selection demonstrates great understanding of the tenses within the sentences - no wobbling or wavering - it is as good as any I’ve heard. :sunny: :sunny: :+1: :sparkles:

So…cario ymlaen, cario ymlaen (carry on!) I can only imagine your frustration is because you want to be able to say even more - and that is entirely natural!

Rich :slight_smile:


Hope the following links have sufficient information to help you, Kay -


Congratulations to everyone who’ve completed their ‘Pink to Red’ Speaking Practice challenge over the last two weeks - you now have your RED badges! Well done!



Hi Arran, sadly I am unable to record on soundcloud. I cant see an option. Is there another way to complete the sentences please?


Hi @AndrewR

Are you using a phone or a computer?

Rich :slight_smile:


So sorry to hear that you’re having difficulties. If you have a look at the following message, you may find information/tips to help you navigate SoundCloud. Best of luck and let us know if you get stuck again. :slight_smile:


Hi rich I am using PC


Hi @AndrewR

You can record on Voice Recorder on PC - then upload to Sound Cloud.

In the search bar on windows - if you start typing Voice Recorder it will appear as an option you can choose. See image below.

I can post a Step by Step guide to get it to Sound Cloud if this will help - let me know.

Rich :slight_smile:


Find Voice Recorder on your PC…you can do this by starting to type the name in the windows search bar…and start the application…

You can record a file by pressing the microphone to both start and stop the recording. Personally I would rename it for ease of identification when loading it into Sound Cloud…by right clicking on the default name (Recording I think)…
Before you switch to Sound Cloud just have a quick check of where the file has been saved by looking at the file location…

…just make a mental note of it for loading into Sound Cloud…

Go to Sound Cloud and Click the Upload option at the top…

…navigate to the file you’ve just recorded and upload it…
…then save it in Sound Cloud…

Sound Cloud then shows a screen where you can copy and paste a link…(right click on it - select copy)

Go to the forum - reply to a post or create a new one so the editor is open - and past the link…
Rich :slight_smile:

Sound cloud

Hey thanks for the response Rich. I have quickly tried the voice recorder and it works fine. I will work through the sentences, record them, save to a file and then try upload them to sound cloud. Fingers crossed.
All the best


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