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The '5 Minutes' Test - recordings


Well done to @robert-stephens, @Den and @alison-11! You’re really pushing yourselves there, which is fantastic work!

@cath-h - sorry, but something’s not quite right there. When you’re in SoundCloud, can you see a ‘share’ button or link? You need to click that, then you get the link to paste in here.


were any of y’all sweating while recording this for no reason at all? join the club


We love Llandeilo! Our family do too. I am originally from west London but moved here in 2006 after over 40 years of holidays all over Wales. Hubby comes from Trinidad.
Braf cwrdd â chi :slightly_smiling_face: Nice to meet you


Da iawn @jake-bridges! And I didn’t hear any swearing at all :wink::grin:


da iawn, clir iawn, cymraeg yn dda iawn


Testing as I want to crack this soundcloud business!


And so you have! :star2: