The 'Please add me to the SSiW map' thread


Diolch yn fawr, many thanks, sionned! Where you have placed the marker is actually pretty perfect!


Oh! OH!!! Are you in the Welsh Speaking Practice group? I so want to speak Welsh to someone in central Chile!


For some reason I hadn’t noticed the map yet!!!

Well I really can’t define myself “Welsh speaker” but if this is meant for “anyone wanting to try and speak some Welsh with someone else”, please add me to the map (am I supposed to tag @sionned?)

I’m in Torino/Turin, Italy (towards the south of the city, between Torino Football Team Stadium and Fiat plant - that you can probably easily spot on the map).

I’m also astonished to find out that I might be able to drink a martini (according to the marker shape!?) with a Welsh speaker just a few miles away from here. :astonished:
How can I guess who that is?


If you click on the image, you should get that user’s forum name… :slight_smile:


Thanks. Wel, I clicked on the martini glass and I get an user’s name: gabcor25. But it has no link to a user account and if I search it in the users list, I can’t find it.


Might it be @gabycortinas, the voice of SSi Spanish?


This map was started on the “old forum” (the cocktail glass marker was only used there, though people have kept them when we moved here) and some of the people on it either changed names when we moved to this “new” forum (now several years ago I think) or have dropped off. I am happy to change the name and/or move markers for people who change their names and/or move, but they need to tell me!

I’ve added you to the map now. Thanks!


I really don’t know, I’ve been here just for a month and don’t know many paople. But maybe someone else does (or now you tagged him he will magically appear!) :wink:


I believe Helen is correct that it is Gaby Cortinas, though I haven’t seen him here for some time.


That is indeed the wonderful @gabycortinas - who is kind enough to help often when people ask questions about Spanish - so he will see this at some point, and will probably be very glad to hear there’s a Welsh learner nearby! :slight_smile:


Please add me to the SSiW map - Castlegar, British Columbia, Canada. Thanks, Ray


That looks like a gorgeous area, Ray!


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That was a typically enthusiastic and lovely offer, Bronwen, and thank you for making it - I’m sure we’ll get there in the end, though, as we carry on collecting new and interesting people in new and interesting countries… :slight_smile:


For the record, I don’t think you or anyone else on here is odd!
Please accept my apologies - that is completely not what I meant at all.


Dear Sionned

As the thread title says, ‘please add me to the SSiW map’: I’m at TN223DA.

Many thanks,



That looks like a Kent address… Maybe Kent numbers are swelling due to the influence (especially in second-hand shops and bookshops) of a certain SSiW speaker/learner known in the annals, the Ancient Chronicles of the 6mws course, as Gerald of Birchington…


Hi Sioned, please include me on the map. My name is David Gloster and I live in Germany. The name of the town is UNTERHACHING and it’s just south of Munich in Bavaria. I signed up for the Polyglott access. Thanks!


Evening, Sionned:
It was great to meet you at NAFOW! When you have time could you please add me to the map. Zipcode in US is 19968 - Milton, Delaware.

Diolch in fawr iawn


Hi can you add me to the map - a very early learner lol in Chapel en le Frith x