The 'Please add me to the SSiW map' thread


Gallai cael adio i’r map os gwelwch yn dda? Dwi’n rhugl mewn Cymraeg a dwi’n byw yn Asheville, Gogledd Carolina.



Have you had any of the rain (etc) from Hurricane Florence? I know you’re quite far inland, but it was a big one!


I had some rain, but nothing too bad. I haven’t heard of any flooding incidents, so I think everything is fine.


Also, I’m curious, do the colours of the pins on the map represent the level of fluency of the person?


The colors of the pins on the map don’t really represent anything except an effort to make it not all one color. I try to pick a color that is different from any nearby markers. And I don’t generally have any idea how fluent people are, especially since that is always changing as they learn more and more!


Hi Sionned,
Can you add me to the map too, please. I’m in Casnewydd, NP20. Diolch.


Dwi’n weld. Meddylais fod yr lliwiau yn denyddio system sy’n tebyg i’r map yma:

Mae’n gwneud synwyr bod hi’n anodd i cadw fynu gyda os oes yna colour-coding sy’n ddibynu ar pa mor rhugl mae rhywun.

Hefyd, dwi’n weld eich bod yn sillafu “colour” heb yr “u”, fel “color.” Ydych chi’n Americanaidd?


Indeed I am; I live in Missouri in the house I grew up in.

And by the way, we generally ask people to post on the forum in English, or at least with an English translation (except for one or two places that are specifically for Cymraeg) so that the people who are just starting out don’t get discouraged. Posting a translation is nice sometimes because then those who are still young in learning can get an idea of what the Welsh would be and not feel left out.


Thanks for the heads-up. I will take note of that for future posts. :slight_smile:


Hi Sionned,
Can you add me to the map too, please. I’m in Kings Langley, Hertfordshire WD4 8SL,


Could you add me in? I live in Tafí Viejo, Tucumán, Argentina. :slight_smile:


Hi Abel, and welcome to the forum! Always nice to see more people from Argentina here - ¡Bienvenido!


Es un placer, Aran :smiley:


Please could I be added to the map. Caerdydd CF5 1PW. Diolch!


Hi Sionned, I live in Rivervale, a suburb of Perth, Western Australia, and my name is Gerald. Please add me to the Google map. I am doing the 2 year SSiW course. Would love to know if there is anyone near me I can converse with. I am only up to lesson 6 level one so not much Welsh yet. Thank you.


Have you joined the Welsh Speaking Practice channel at all yet, or even heard of it, Gerald? btw Croeso!


I have seen the channel where people talk in Welsh for five minutes, I think learners like me, but there is nothing there to tell me how I could do that. Gerald


Gerald - if you haven’t already, the details for getting into the practice Slack channel are at: :slight_smile:


Have you seen, been watching, the live-streamed SSi videos on YouTube, perhaps, Gerald?

They are perhaps the live-streaming of Hangouts which form part of the “2 year and/or 6 month Welsh speaker” courses, with tutors Dee, Nia, Beca &Co leading the chat? We are learners, yes, and it is (quite amazingly) possible to feel quite at home on that - even in early weeks…It speaks to the quality of the welcome, the work of the tutors on those courses, and the SSiW challenges, Gerald. I hope you find a way on to a course or the Welsh Speaking practice channel, to join us!



I would also like to be added to the map, PE13 4EY