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Last week’s coach holiday included two hours in Caernarfon so I made the most of my time. I bought 5 books in Palas Print where the lovely lady let me speak Welsh, helped me choose suitable books and taught me the word for “contactless”. I then visited charity shops and bought 6 additional books. Reviews may eventually appear here.


“Ar Agor Fel Arfer” was adapted by Huw Llwyd Rowlands from the original “Frying As Usual” by Joan Lingard.

“Dowch yma’r funud 'ma” bloeddiodd Rosita. “Mae Dad wedi syrthio o’r to.”

The Francetti fish and chip shop is already struggling against new competition. Dad is rushed to hospital with a broken leg and Mum is in Italy for a month. Can the three children and their grandfather keep the shop open?

This is a straightforward and entertaining story for young teens. The three children have very different characters and contribute in their own ways. Even without using a dictionary, I found it a fairly easy read. There were words that I didn’t know, but I could guess them from the context. There seem to be copies available second-hand. Mine was a bargain for £1 in a charity shop.


I have read the book with Vincent via skype. The book was very funny but I think even though it is aimed at first language young teenagers I would think because some of the language is very colloquial in the dialogs and some of the words are more phonetically spelt and not how it is spelt in the Dictionary that an advanced beginner would struggle and I would put it probably at canoradd (intermediate ) but I struggled a bit with the book and I enjoyed it.


sorry I thought I had logged in as Richardglaves and not as Vincent


A couple of years ago I recorded the whole of ‘Harri Potter a’r maen yr athronydd’. - one sound file per page. If you re interested I could send you a couple of them. You would need the book though.


Just occurred to me that I have found it very useful to read stuff out loud - it means you don t have to worry about vocab/correctness etc. And it starts building muscle memory in your jaw AND it helps words stick.


Yes indeed. Though perhaps not on the bus.


Doesn t matter if you are a believer or not (I m not) but many of us can remember fragments of bible stories which makes it easier to understand this - The most modern complete version available on-line with downloadable audio files for each chapter - the guy reads really well