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If anyone is looking for an excuse to purchase more books, Y Lolfa currently have a spring sale on, with 20% off all books (ends 4.3.19).


Diolch Malwen :slightly_smiling_face:


Diolch @Malwen!
… and I see the Na-Nôg online shop ( also has a lot of book bargains at the moment (many of them aimed at children and teens), plus some CDs and one or two DVDs


As I’m currently reading “The Diary of a Bookseller” by Shaun Bythell I feel I must plead that we don’t use Amazon or Abebooks. Only found out through aforementioned book that the latter are owned by the former.


Arwyr Cymru - Jon Gower

A very affordable £1 Stori Sydyn book again. This is the history of 13 people and events that our author calls heroes including Betsi Cadwaladr, Hedd Wyn, Dic Penderyn, Jemeima Niclas and Owain Glyndwr. I really enjoyed this book … it turns out that history is interesting after all.

Stori Sydyn equals easy to read material so shouldn’t be a problem for anyone here to have a go.


Llanw - Manon Steffan Ros

I think this book would have made a bigger impact on me if I hadn’t already read “Blasu” but I can’t understate how good it is. It’s another life journey following a young girl into adulthood and beyond with all the joys and worries clearly laid out for the reader to experience. Some parts are quite shocking in a way and it left a lasting impression on me that only the better reads tend to do.

Blurb …
" Mae Llanw yn byw mewn tŷ ar y traeth gyda Gorwel, ei hefaill, a’u nain. Mae chwedlau yn ffordd o fyw i’r ferch freuddwydiol hon. Ond mae’r Ail Ryfel Byd yn taflu ei gysgodion, ac mae penderfyniad Gorwel yn cael effaith andwyol ar fywyd Llanw. Nofel arall eithriadol gan awdures Blasu."

Roughly translated …
“Lanw lives in a house on the beach with Gorwel, her twin brother, and grandmother. Legends are a way of life for this dreamy girl. But the Second World War casts its shadows, and Gorwel’s decision is having a detrimental effect on Llanw’s life. Another exceptional novel by the author of Blasu.”

This is a 288 page novel aimed at proficient/first language readers so treat it as such. I read it with a dictionary at hand without any problems so you will too. :smiley:


Taken from twitter …

"Allan cyn hir! (Out soon!)

Trydedd rhan yn nhrioleg Y Melanai gan Bethan Gwanas. (Third part in The Melanai trilogy by Bethan Gwanas.)

Addas at 11 i 14 oed (Suitable for 11 to 14 year olds)"

My copy is already on order from my local book shop. :smiley:


Coed y Brenin😊
A novel for Welsh learners by Colin Jones. Ebook.
Any new words have a ‘link’ to a glossary and a brief intro in English at the beginning of most but not all chapters.

Dw i’n newydd ddechrau dysgu Cymraeg … So this book is perfect for me atm😊


Yes, I agree. It’s a good book. The vocabulary is simple enough, but the story keeps you interested. I have a hard copy of this, and also of “Cwm Gwrachod” by the same author. I found “Cwm Gwrachod” a bit easier - and also a bit more far-fetched. Teacher Mr Llewelyn has rather an extreme method of enforcing discipline.


I’ve got ‘Cwm Gwrachod’ too Sue, not read it yet​:heart::heart:


I have only just seen this post @Helene I didn’t realise any of Michael Rosen’s books were published in Cymraeg!
A great find I think :hugs:


Definitely :smiley:


I have just bought the Audio book version of this, my first audio book and my first Welsh novel too! Chapter 14 in my first sitting, even if I didn’t understand it perfectly, I certainly got the gist.


So I’ve made my way through Ffenestri by Lois Arnold much quicker, and with more understanding than I anticipated. I found Coed y Brennin quite difficult as it was the first thing I’d tried reading, but the more I do the more I find I “get it” without the dictionary.
Any recomendations for slightly longer stories/whole books would be much appreciated…Or should I just start looking in book stores and picking anything up?


Lois Arnold has written an excellent story called Sgŵp about a young reporter on a local paper.

There is a very good series called “Cyfres Amdani” with a wide range of books at four levels. @neilrowlands has descriptions of all of them. He has linked to it above, but here it is again.

I like the Stori Sydyn series too, and they are a lot cheaper.

Then there are the Blodwen Jones stories by Bethan Gwanas.

If you can bear to read all the posts in this thread then you will find a huge number of suggestions at all levels.



For anyone looking for free audio readings with text reference to learn from, I found this bible translation recently, the guy has recorded the whole thing by the looks of it. Probably hard to beat this for sheer volume of text to practise with.


thank you for this Sue!


Diolch. I may have to nab it :wink:


Some of you may be interested in this course at Nant Gwrtheyrn with Bethan Gwanas and other Welsh authors. It’s bound to be interesting, plus lots of fun!


Definitely! I’ve an inkling though that it may already be fully subscribed, so contact them at once if you’re interested