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Tiny questions with quick answers - continuing thread


It was right before a live song, when they say the title…blablabla…and then seemed to say this to get the band to start playing!

But it’s not the first time I hear native speakers ignore mutations, so this might be the case rather than your guess wrong, @rich !


It’s also used in this 1916 newspaper article - :smiley:


‘Coni mynd’ is almost certainly 'Co ni’n mynd - 'co is from acw there, but widely used in the S for here as well, like in 'co fe here/there it is.


You’ll hear “Co ni’n off nawr te” too :slight_smile:


“Bant â ni” is probably the most frequent thing I say in Welsh, as I say it most mornings to the dogs when we go for a walk and often to anyone I’m with when it’s time to leave. It’s replaced “On y va” in French as my favourite “let’s go” expression!


Yes, that must be it!
Thinking again about cawn, even more than the mutation, I was about to ask about pronunciation: I would expect to hear cawn like cow (in English).
While I was quite sure I had heard “co”, then wondering if it is pronounced like that as well sometimes?

I have to admit co being from acw is the kind of thing I would have never been able to guess!


I’ll take note in case I hear it. :slightly_smiling_face:

While for bant a ni I had heard it many times on the TV and was pretty sure of the meaning but not about how to write it - and in any case sometimes I guessed wrong.

Sounds great for getting the dogs started @stephenbranley!
The funny thing about them is that you can train them to react a certain way to any sound, even though it means something different. Or to Welsh rather than English or Italian. :rofl:


I was thinking about this the other day. It’s what you teach a dog, or the tone of your voice, that they respond to. If you always lovingly say “Bad dog” when they obey, and angrily yell “Good dog” when they get into the kitchen trash, they wouldn’t know the difference. You could train them to sit when you tell them to do a backflip. :joy:


Yeah! Just for fun, when I was at school I got my dog to respond running to the door ready for a walk whenever he heard “gnam gnam” - that’s Italian equivalent of yum! :rofl:

Back to Welsh, I wonder if bad dog is Ci drwg .
And good dog ci da?
(Funny, cause I’ve just realized this also has meanings in Italian , although pronounced different!)


They look good to me :slight_smile:


Hey folks

Quick question here, about the course itself.

I signed up for the daily emails, but also downloaded the app to make it easier to listen on the go via my smartphone. I notice that the content seems to be a bit different, with much longer lessons on the app. Is one method recommended above the other, should I be doing both, or are they pretty much the same in the long run?

Thanks so much


Hi Russell,

I’ve just discovered that the challenges in Northern version of the course are quite a bit longer than the Southern (but it’s just a matter of how fast they speak;as far as I know Level 1 and 2 are identical in content, with just a few variations in pronunciation and vocabulary according to what’s more common in one or the other area).
Maybe one thing to try is checking out if you’re logged in to the same version in the app. (If you need more details, just ask)


Thanks for this! I’m doing the South version in the app. I’m more asking about the difference between lessons in app and lessons which are emailed to you daily. Lesson one on the app, for example, is 30mins, whereas lesson one by email is just 5mins or so.

I guess I want to know if the daily ones are the same content, but split into different length chunks, or if the courses are completely different?


Hi Russell, are you doing the 6 minutes a day course?

I’ll tag @aran @Kinetic To help too


Nope, I’ve downloaded the ‘Say something in Welsh app’ and have been using that instead of the daily emails I get, as it’s easier to use on my phone/on the move. Lessons all seem to be 30mins.


The lessons in the app and on the website are all about 30 minutes long in the southern version and a bit longer in the northern.
If your links take you to a 5 minutes-long lessons with the same voice and accent you hear in the long lessons in the app (south, you said)…it might be the 6 minutes a day course chunks them down for you (I can’t tell, I didn’t do that).
Or if it sounds quite different you may have accidentally subscribed to n the free introductory mini course, that I believe has 5 minutes long lessons emailed every day for about a week.


Ah, I think it might be the introductory course. Thanks! So I guess the important thing is, the app is up to date, and a good thing to use, yes?


Yes, app is fine! You can do the full lessons there (called challenges). When you reach the last free one you’ll be asked to subscribe and you can decide how you’d like to go on.


One of the first things I learnt to say to my dog was “Pwy sy’n ferch dda!?” :slight_smile:

(Which I hope is correct…)


Hi, got to lesson 17 and ffrindiau. The man seems to say this word like ginger or ninja, which I wasn’t expecting. Am I hearing this correctly?