Tiny questions with quick answers - continuing thread


I hope people will find this useful. We had something similar on the old forum where people could post a fairly simple question and get a fairly quick answer. Please feel free to add to this thread.

So, here’s my question. Whenever anyone sneezes I automatically say “Gezundheit” - German of course, and I started wondering what a Welsh speaker would say in that place. Couldn’t find it in my dictionaries, so I’m asking here. Thanks!

Frustrated beginner, please help
So few Welsh speakers


Memory is not so good as we did this at boot camp a dw i wedi anghofio. rhywbeth fel bendith, dw i’n credu.

Hope that does not contain to many mistakes (typing of the top of my head).

Cheers J.P.


I had the same query today when my other half sneezed. We’d been watching Y Gwyll and speaking a bit of Welsh; when he sneezed I tried to respond quickly without thinking too much, and just came out with “Iechyd!”. Which I think means the same as Gesundheit.


“Bendith” is what I would use. (literal translation blessing or grace)


Another vote for ‘Bendith!’ :sunny:


As, in English, ‘Bless you!’ is usual, I would imagine that Aran is quite right!! I’m afriad I’m not sure if the German means that!!




Thanks Aran and Gareth! I’ll start using that (when I remember to). And for henddraig - the German means something more like “good health”.


Hope this is a short enough question. Llygoden or llygoden bach - mouse. Baby mouse? Llygoden bach bach?
Llygoden fawr - rat, but lygoden fawr bach or fawr fach seems a bit odd! Or do we go for ffrengig bach or fach??


We’d just stick ‘babi’ in front of it, in this house :sunny:


Beth am, lygoden fawr ifanc. ( of course Aran’s mastery of the language is neat).

Cheers J.P.


On seeing a tree that’s already showing autumn colours, I said in English ‘that tree is starting to turn’. Can I translate that exactly in Welsh, or would my translation make a Welsh person visualize a tree deracinating itself and doing a pirouette?


This is just a guess, but maybe “… is starting to change.” ?


It might depend a little on the context, but I’d expect you’d be understood fine :sunny:


I did actually think of that, but ‘babi’ is closer to the age I had in mind!! However, that brings another question to mind… why is a sweet little mouse male and a large fierce rat female… or French??? :grin:


Because grammatical gender in Welsh is very much arbitrary and often not dependent on natural gender. It makes as much sense as a stone (carreg) being feminine.


Thanks Aran!


How to say
“Turn on” “Turn off” - Electrical stuff etc. - Oddi ar?/ Diffodd?


Cynnau/Rhoi - turn on
Diffodd/Troi - turn off
Much to my surprise - Switsio - is in the dictionary. Switsia’r golau ymlaen/i ffordd