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Trying to find links for regularly scheduled online chats


Hello! I am new to the SSiW Slack Community and am quite confused. I am trying to find a centralized place for the links associated with the twice-daily group chats that @Deborah-SSi posts about. The online now channel isn’t very helpful because I am in a time zone that is 8 hrs earlier than GMT. Also, it would be nice to be able to plan my schedule a little better than waiting to see links posted (which are often over by the time I get to them due to the time difference).

Also, I am not seeing the channel for lessons 6-10 - how do I access that channel?

Diolch yn fawr!


Hi Caroline! The links to the chats are posted in the Slack workspace for SSIW 6/6 Support. I’ve responded to your question there and tagged you. The channels you refer to are also on Slack. Simply use the plus sign next to the Channels heading to add more channels. Hope that helps!


Diolch yn fawr!