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Volunteer '5 Minute' Listeners


@gill-fickling @glynnhughes2002 perhaps you could practise over Zoom together?


Diolch, ond dw i’n Level 1 Challenge 21 Fersiwn Gogledd.
Dw i’n wedi bod i Criccieth y wythnos 'ma ar fferm yn gweithio. Lawer o siariadwyr yn y ardal.


Da iawn, Glynn! Mae’n wych gest ti’r gyfle i ddefnyddio dy Gymraeg yng Nghricieth. Lle hyfryd! Great that you got to use your Welsh in Cricieth. Lovely place!

It doesn’t make a lot of difference when one speaking partner is doing the southern course and the other the northern. There aren’t a huge number of differences and it can help you to be able to understand Radio Cymru, S4C, and the variety of people you’re likely to meet in Cymru.


Hi Gill, I’m on challenge 20 and looking for a listener too. If you still are I’m hsjones3@gmail.con diolch



Dw i’n byw yn Dyfnaint hefyd, yng Nghaerwysg (Exeter). A ti?