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Week 4 (6 months) SoundCloud


I hope this is the right place for my single word recording. I didn’t see anything about where exactly in the forum to post it.


That’s great @nigelhackney! The single word recording doesn’t need to be posted anywhere - it’s just a bit of practice at getting the recording technology of SoundCloud working - but you’ve nailed it, AND you’ve managed to post it on the forum, so you’re more than ready for the next SoundCloud task :star2:


Nigel, i’ll join you here and just because this is my favourite word to date…


Hi Simon, yes, I think dysgu is a great word and that’s definitely not just because I’ve been down the pub drinking what in Twickenham we call cwrw.


Hello @nigelhackney

That sounded great and it is my favourite word - well done.



Too kind, too kind… [blushes prettily]



Da iawn @julie-17! You’re getting on top of this technology :star2:


My contribution