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Black Sabbath meets Thorogood ond yn Cymraeg!


Did you try Welsh Gigs
Ah…perhaps this is more up the right alley?


One of our favorite artists for many decades. Yma o hyd! (that man does have a tendency to bring me a wet beard)


Very talented and indy singer songwriter. Love Kizzy.


I have always loved this. It was one of the first songs I learned to sing yn Cymraeg.


Oh, you have put us on a roll. mwnhau wch (corrections of gair croeso):

Dacw 'Nghariad

Dacw 'nghariad i lawr yn y berllan,
Tw rymdi ro rymdi radl idl al.
O na bawn i yno fy hunan,
Tw rymdi ro rymdi radl idl al.
Dacw’r ty, a dacw’r 'sgubor;
Dacw ddrws y beudy’n agor.
Ffaldi radl idl al, ffaldi radl idl al,
Tw rymdi ro rymdi radl idl al.

Dacw’r dderwen wych ganghennog,
Golwg arni sydd far serchog.
Mi arhosaf yn ei chysgod
Nes daw 'nghariad i 'ngyfarfod.

Dacw’r delyn, dacw’r tannau;
Beth wyf gwell, heb neb i’w chwarae?
Dacw’r feinwen hoenus fanwl;
Beth wyf nes heb gael ei meddwl?

There Is My Love

There is my love down in the orchard,
Tw rymdi ro rymdi radl idl al.
Oh how I wish I were there myself,
Tw rymdi ro rymdi radl idl al.
There is the house and there is the barn;
There is the door of the cow house open.
Ffaldi radl idl al, ffaldi radl idl al,
Tw rymdi ro rymdi radl idl al.

There is the gallant, branching oak,
A vision, lovingly crowned.
I will wait in her shade
Until my love comes to meet me.

There is the harp, there are her strings;
What better am I, without anyone to play her for?
There’s the delicate fair one, exquisite and full of life;
What nearer am I, without having her attention?


Great! Really like this song and most of the variations too. I like it sung by Cerys Matthews and Eve Goodman as well.

The link is Eve Goodman. Its brilliant that you posted the lyrics in Cymraeg a Saesneg too.
Copied and pasted for my collection! Diolch i ti.


How about something really old? Just came across this one in Old Welsh.

Someone on Facebook wrote this about it:

The oldest Welsh Lullaby: Dinogad’s Smock (Pais Dinogad)

About 1400 years ago, a Cumbrian mother (one for you @mikeellwood) sang a song to her new baby, a boy called Dinogad, it is believed to be one of the oldest extant songs of its kind from a Celtic culture.

Amongst the oldest surviving Welsh poetry is an account of battles in the Old North, a text known after the protagonists as Y Gododdin.

The poem goes on to describe how Dinogad’s father went out with his dogs, Giff and Gaff, to catch fish, deer, boar and grouse, presumably to provide a very rich dinner for a very large household.


@gruntius, try breichiau hir, ’ bstds y nos’ I’ll check my playlist properly later, id love some Welsh thrash too! :sunglasses:



A young, joy formidable?


Yes indeed. Circa 2005ish? Tricky Nixon later morphed into Sidecar Kisses and then The Joy Formidable, via Rhydian’s side project Stitches.


Yes, I think since Geraint originally broadcast this appeal, Brechiau Hir have developed a much heavier sound. Considering their origins a decade or so ago in the Cardiff Indie Pop band Just Like Frank, their journey has been one of increasing and deepening heaviness. By the year after next, I predict that they’ll be a Death Metal band. :smile:


Thanks very much for this, I was reading the poem just last week, but had no idea of the musical setting. It brings it to life. Thought others may like the words and translation as set out in A.O.H Jarman’s translation of Y Gododdin:

Pais Dinogad

Pais Dinogad, fraith, fraith,
O grwyn balaod ban wraith.
Chwid, chwid, chwidogaith!
Cochanwn, gochenyn wythgaith.
Pan elai dy dad di helia,
Llath ar ei ysgwydd, llory yn ei law,
Ef gelwi gŵn gogyhwg:
Giff, Gaff; daly, daly, dwg, dwg!
Ef lleddi bysg yng nghorwg
Mal ban lladd llew llywiwg.
Pan elai dy dad di i fynydd
Dyddygai ef pen i iwrch, pen gwythwch, pen hydd,
Pen grugiar fraith o fynydd,
Pen pysg o Raeadr Derwennydd.
O’r sawl yd gyrhaeddai dy dad di â’i gigwain,
O wythwch a llewyn a llwynain,
Nid angai oll ni fai oradain.

Dinogad’s Smock

Dinogad’s smock, pied, pied,
It was from martens’ skins that I made it.
Wheed, wheed, a whistling!
I would sing, eight slaves sang.
When thy father went a-hunting,
A spear on his shoulder, a club in his hand,
He would call the nimble hounds,
Giff, Gaff; catch, catch, fetch, fetch!
He would kill a fish in his coracle
As a lion kills its prey.
When thy father went on the mountain,
He would bring back a roe-buck, a wild boar, a stag,
A speckled grouse from the mountain,
A fish from Rhaeadr Derwennydd.
Of all those that thy father reached with his lance,
Wild boar and lynx and fox,
None escaped which was not winged.

Can’t guarantee that there are no typing errors - Enjoy!


The video/music has obviously used a lot of artistic licence - you will here yan tan tethera in the track, but that isn’t in the words of the lullaby and a lot of extras on the welsh as well - so an interpretation would be more appropriate description, but sounds really good.




I’ve been really encouraged to find so much Welsh Language music on youtube. I never even knew this existed. Welsh really is the language of heaven, as this beautiful track, Du Ydi’r Eira - Gwyneth Glyn, proves:

I am feeling a bit like that today myself, what wonderful words. Wow


And here is a hwntws track