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BTW, I finally met fellow YouTuber Ffarout at the weekend. Fittingly, we were both queuing at the bar at Gwobrau y Selar and they recognised me by my limited edition Recordiau Neb t-shirt. We had a great chat about YouTube and the great shame that is us, private individuals, having to archive culturally valuable music in a legal grey area because of lack of interest/resources from anyone else.

Ffarout’s channel is here:
And mine is here:









Dwi’n Amau Dim -Celt


“Yes, There’s a Place” in the World.
" Oes, mae na le."
Moving song about our world.


Estrons. Yesterday they announced that they had called it a day. Some time ago they asked me to make these videos private because they were chasing a major label deal and they didn’t want it to look like they changed personnel every few months. Of course, I was only too happy to oblige - I run the channel, amongst other reasons, to raise the profile of bands, not to hinder their chances of commercial success.
But now, since the band is no more, I’ve made the videos public once again.
Good luck for the future to all former members of Estrons.



STEVE EAVES is one of my favourite Welsh musicians. Singer, Songwriter and Poet.
You can find out more about Steve Eaves in the link below. :point_down:


Al Lewis Band:


Bronwyn Lewis

This is the YouTube link for anyone who does not use facebook