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Welsh National Eisteddfod Ceredigion/Tregaron 1st - 8th August 2020 *POSTPONED TILL 2021*


After much debating, we’ve decided not to make a week of it next year.

We usually book accommodation next to/very close to the Eisteddfod site and share with my brother and his family. This means that it becomes much more than an Eisteddfod week. The cousins get to spend valuable time together, us adults get to share wine, barbecues, meals and then divide between us all the boring practical stuff such as laundry, tidying, babysitting and so on.

Being close to the site and having weekly passes also means that we can wander in an out as we please, take it in turns to have nights out with friends or at gigs and give Aran the freedom to network, attend meetings and learners’ events.

So as soon as we discovered that there wasn’t anywhere available to rent close to the site this year, we started to think seriously about whether it was really worth our while to be there for the week with a 20-30 minute (or more) drive back and forth.

We’ve decided to play it by ear and possibly visit for a day or two and a night, in order to make an SSiW meet up. Though there’s always the possibility that Aran will get meeting and event requests thrown at him, in which case we’ll reassess


I can recommend Denmark Farm near Llanbedr Pont Steffan -
Edmund Dixon


Don’t forget to look on AirBnB for places to stay near Tregaron. I’m just having a look myself. Usually, I wouldn’t go to the Eisteddfod when it’s in the south as I live in Llandudno, but Tregaron is do-able. After this year’s disaster singing in the Cystadleuath Dysgwyr I need to get rehearsing to do better next year!


Definitely worked for me - found a place 5 miles-ish away. A bit far to walk but a lot nearer than e.g. Aberystwyth


Excellent idea - I’ll see what I can find out about Aber.

Update: I’ve just phoned Aber’s conference centre and - yes, they will be renting out accommodation. The person I spoke to suggested that you e-mail your enquiry to conferences[at]

I’m just about to check with UWTSD Lampeter and will update here when I get a reply

Update 1 week later: I’m surprised and disappointed that I have had neither acknowledgement nor reply from UWTSD Lampeter.


We live about an hour across the Cambrians to the south-east in the Irfon valley. There are quite a few b&b, campsites and a few hostelries with beds, as well as cottages to let.
The Abergwesyn valley has places tucked away and is not to be missed anyway! The road is not for the faint-hearted, but I should imagine all the traffic will be heading in the same direction!


I guess I just got lucky. I found a B&B about 20 minutes out of Tregaron. The travel time may increase due to traffic, but I’m used to driving at least 20 minutes for everything I need.


Hi Peter and others,
I asked our lcal Eisteddfod committee in lampeter and they gave me this informaiton about accommodation in Lampeter, which is about 12 miles south of Tregaron:
The unibversity campus in lampeter has B&B single bed accommodation at £40 a night or £36for the room without breakfast. Contact them on with details of your dates. Apparently some learners and choirs have already booked. I think there will be a minibus service set up from Lampeter but you;re best checking on the 2020 Eisteddfod website for full details.
There are also 4 B&B rooms with a Welsh learner host Linda at Haulfan, 6 Station Terrace, Llanbed SA48 7HH. 01570 422718 or

There were also leaflets about offering accommodation in 2020 being given out in Llanrwst, so there may be more becoming available as time goes on.

Hope this helps! Julia


PS I hadn’t seen Huw’s previous addition about lack of response from Lampeter Uni - let me know how you get on with the address I’ve given. I’ll need to let the local committee know if there’s a problem for people booking with the Uni, Julia


Thanks for this but I have booked up something just north of Tregaron. I have stayed in Lampeter Uni for Welsh courses and I liked the accommodation there.


Hi, we have a Guest House in Tregaron and spaces for Eisteddfod. Apologies if this isn’t allowed, I hope I haven’t gone against any guidelines for the Forum. We have a few double rooms, en suite available for the week of the Eisteddfod. If you are interested please get in touch.

Many thanks


Hello first.

As much as I know you didn’t break any rules here and I think this info will be more than welcome to those who are planning to visit Eisteddfod next year.

So, as far as concerns me, you’re welcome.

Tatjana :slight_smile:


I have taken the liberty of moving your post to this thread which started in August. As you can see, there is likely to be a lot of interest in your accommodation.

Since this is of interest to many on the forum looking for accommodation, I believe this outweighs any potential rule infringement. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you!


Heads up everyone looking to book a caravan/camping spot on Maes C for this year’s Eisteddfod!

Eisteddfod Cenedlaethol 2020, Camping/Caravanning

Follow this link for more information on accommodation…


Does this mean that you have to go on the Eisteddfod website to book? Do you have any idea how much it is( I’ve heard it’s expensive) and can you book for any number of nights or does it have to be for the week?


For camping or caravanning on the Official Eisteddfod Camp/Caravan site you need to book on their site. £299 for a caravan, £155 for a tent
For b and b’s, hostels, hotels, guest houses the usual methods apply. Some are saying that it’s sold out.
There will, there has been in previous years, other unofficial camping and caravan sites, which are much cheaper.
Tregaron isn’t nearly as much of a holiday destination as other Eisteddfod sites have been so there probably just isn’t as much accommodation about and people will have to travel further.


Cymdeithas yr iaith always have a campsite near the maes and they’re usually cheaper.


Does anyone have any experience of the main campsite vs the Cymdeithas yr Iaith sites? There is usually quite a difference in price so I just wondered if there were washing facilities at one and not the other!