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Welsh Newspaper Y Cymro reborn


For those here that are comfortable reading in Welsh only, the weekly newspaper Y Cymro has been reborn. It is available in paper form (not digitially) from local shops across Wales, and there is more about it on BBC Cymru Fyw here: plus a Twitter account here:

The content is a bit more ‘magazine style’ than the previous politics-heavy paper, and I’ve enjoyed reading it. It’s well worth £1 of anyone’s money!

There’s also an interesting article on Cymru Fyw about whether more informal Welsh should be used in papers: I can imagine that most of us here would welcome seeing informal Welsh in print more!


This is great news and I read the articles you refer to yesterday. One thing I couldn’t find is whether there’s any option for those of us not living in Wales to subscribe to it - I’d really like to support it. Their website doesn’t seem to have been updated since late 2016 so the subscription info there refers to the old weekly version of the paper.


Hi @PeterG, The new Y Cyrmo is all very new- it will be monthly, £1 each.
Although it has the same name, in effect it is a new paper with a new team. I’m sure that with time, if it sells well, they will add more to the website and create a postage delivery option.
You can drop them an email on


Diolch Neil - I might drop them a line, let them know there’s interest beyond the Welsh border!


Yep.UK Subscription by post £27 or £12 pdf: Their website is at


Gwych! Diolch am hynny.

Great! Subscription in progress :+1:

Rich :slight_smile: