What is the significance of "'u" in "wedi 'u colli"


We were watching a program on S4C using two laptops so that we could read the English and Welsh subtitles at the same time.

Y tristwch bod cymaint o adeiladau wedi 'u colli.
The sadness that so many buildings in Merthyr have been lost.

Can anyone explain the phrase:
wedi 'u colli

To me “wedi colli” means “have lost”. Does “wedi 'u colli” mean “have been lost”. Or is it just a typing error by S4C. :grin:


The 'u is an abbreviated eu - their.

Wedi’u colli doesn’t translate very well directly into English. You have to bend the English slightly to get a fit. Think of it as had their losing or after their losing and you’ll be quite close.


Oh fab. I wondered if it was the possessive. A bit like the buildings got their losing. Minor win. Time to go out and celebrate. I love it when I feel I’m getting somewhere.


I would have answered that before Rob if Catrin hadn’t decided to throw all her carefully cultivated blackberry mead all over the kitchen…:wink:


I’ll find another obscure question soon I’m sure. :grinning:


If it leads to another explosion of glass and mead, we’ll start to wonder if there’s a connection…


…there’s a good echo in here @aran @catrinlliarjones -otherwise I might not have noticed someone said mead? Is this a good time to point out that we might be traveling over the pond next year? :wink: