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What's outside


In my other post last week I showed how tough conditions are In the suburbs. This is a photo taken off the mid day news of overnight action against the fires here:


Yikes. Stay safe out there!


Neithiwr, oedd hi’n bwrw eira ETO. Wnes i ddihuno i ffindio hyn (tua 30 cm o eira). Sa i’n hapus - dw i’n moyn blodau! :slightly_frowning_face: :tulip:
Last night, it snowed AGAIN. I woke up to find this (about a foot of snow/30 cm). I’m not happy - I want flowers!

edited: Why did I write bwrw glaw? Wishful thinking!


I’m so going to say hefryd/lovely.


It snowed here last night as well, but not as much, thankfully, and the sun is out today (though the temp got down to 0F this morning, which is -18C).

@AnnaC, I know you are in the US, somewhere north of me (I’m in Missouri), but I don’t have you on the map so I’m not sure just where!


I’m in the northeast. I’m not on the map because I’m a bit careful about privacy on the internet so I’m deliberately a little vague about personal things :sunglasses:


Sean-O, if you and I could combine our weather and each have a happy medium, I think we’d both like that! :wink:


Looks brrr.

But there’s somethng about sun on the snow (when you are lucky enough to enjoy having both) that I tried to capture here at sunset 100 km north of Yellowknife a few weeks ago. Although some ice-fisherfolk had lit a fire to make charcoal for their smoker, they kept a watchful eye over it, and the sun going down filtered a spectacular light through the trees. It was a balmy minus 25 at the time—bit nippy on the fingers :confused:


Heavy hail here in Caerfyrddin. Can’t take a photo as 1) I don’t know where my phone is at the moment, and 2) it is nearly 2200, so any pictures won’t show anyway !

What a change to a week ago when I was outside in jeans and a t-shirt, and mowing the grass !


A spot of hail in Ammanford just a while ago.


That is truly beautiful! Hyfryd!

(Can’t say I’d like those temperatures, though! :cold_face:)


Yep it’s back to wind and rain in southern England,
Not many things come out for a photo :frowning_face:

Cheers J.P.


I’m braced for the next band of heavy rain due through this afternoon/evening. The lambs are sensibly staying inside the shelters - I think they heard the forecast ! We are dressed for the occasion.


Heddiw - today.

Madfall - Common lizard.

Cheers J.P.


Wonderful photo J.P.!


Heddiw - Today.

Alan mawr - Butterbur.

Cheers J.P.