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What's outside


Goodness, that’s rather overwhelming! :astonished: I’ll stick with clirio! :joy:


By all means, ond this former Sooner will probably take up one of the prettier options. Not much :snowflake: shovelling here even in the milder parts. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Heddiw - Today.

Neidr ddefaid gyntaf eleni - first slow worm this year.

Gwiber gyntaf eleni - first adder this year.

Cheers J.P.


Wrong species to have a Baldrick, then?


I finally looked up what a slow worm is, because we don’t have them in the US. Interesting to learn that it is a really a lizard and not a snake. I’m curious - why is it called a “sheep snake” in Welsh? I don’t mean the snake part, I mean the sheep part :slight_smile: :sheep:

(No lizards or snakes happening here…still snow on the ground :frowning2:)


Lambing sheep

The first one appeared this morning 2 weeks before the earliest possible ( ! ) date, and a little unexpected. Given his rough start, he is doing ok so far, but not out of the woods. 1 on the ground, 9 to go. Bye bye sleep. Hello sofa and sleeping bag, and smelling of iodine for a month.


Dwi’n amau bod modd i bob rhywogaeth gael baldrick - i imagine all species can have a baldrick. :smile:

Yes a legless lizard, I guess many lived in stone walls and appeared where sheep were,
(but that is only a guess).
I find it interesting (curious), that they give birth to live young as do adders, yet grass snakes lay eggs, evolution seems to explore every path and as with much of life there is no one answer.

Oh the joys of lambing (it’s been a long time).
This unusual warm spell has made everyone forget the snow at the start of February.

Heddiw - today.

Cacynen gyffredin - Buff tailed bumble bee.

Cheers J.P.


Draw bridge, Carmarthen
Pont windio/lusg/godi,


Oh, curious! Where in Carmarthen is that located?

And FYI - Y Geiriadur Mawr has drawbridge as pont godi.


Thanks, @Sionned. That’s great.
Yes, just west of Carmarthen. I was parked in the B&Q (DIY supply store) car park. I remember photographing a heritage steam train crossing the bridge, a few years ago.


That’s rather cool! I went hunting for more information (and exact location) and found that it is called the “White Bridge” or the " bascule railway bridge" and is Grade II* listed. More info here.


Heddiw - Today.

Briallu - Primrose.

Cheers J.P.


Meanwhile where I live the prognostic forecast for the first day of Autumn is:
It’s usually a few degrees higher than the forecast…:sweat:


Mae heddiw wedi bod yn wyntog iawn iawn ac yn oer iawn. Today has been very very windy and very cold. We have had 35 mph/56 km/hr winds all day. There are trees down and power outages all over. We lost a huge pine tree in our yard. The temperature tonight will be 18F/-8C and tomorrow night 9F/-12C. The winds are starting to moderate but it will still be windy. O, ble mae gwanwyn? Oh, where is spring? :cold_face:


Very mild in Wales. The warmest February day and winter day since records began as I understand. Pretty cold now though at midnight as no cloud cover. :sunglasses:


Heddiw - Today.

Cennin pedr - Daffodil.

Cheers J.P.


What a great photo ! That’s my local B+Q and I freely admit that I pop in from time to time for stuff to fluff the house/garden with, and have a wander along the river with the dog, before tucking into a burger from the van in the car park. Funnily enough, the dog’s tail is extra waggy when we turn left into that particular place, as he knows he gets some of the burger too !


Well, I hope no-one is caught up in this Or any other of the four blazes.


Heddiw - Today.

Bodau geirios - cherry blossom/flowers.

Adlewyrchiad pont camlas - canal bridge reflection.

Cheers J.P.


Those are great photos, JP - especially the canal bridge! Lovely!

Here it is still winter. :slightly_frowning_face: