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What's outside


I seem to have a ‘blonde’ deryn y to in the garden lately - it’s much paler than all the usual ‘brunettes’!
I’ve never seen another one this colour before - how common is it, I wonder? Any ideas @Cetra?

I’ve also had this handsome young dudwy visit a couple of times


I love Skomer!


Heddiw - Today.

Pidyn y gog - Lords and ladies.

Gweirloyn y perthi - Gatekeeper.

Criciedyn hirgorn roesel - Roesel’s bush cricket.
(click on images for full size).

Cheers J.P.


Today - Heddiw.

Lindys gwalchyfyn yr helyglys - Elephant hawk moth caterpillar.
(click on image for full size).

Cheers J.P.


I came across a couple of those in my garden in Llandysul a couple of years ago - fascinating things! Wish I’d seen the moths though!


lindys gwalch-wyfynod helyglys - I’ve had the green version in my garden this year, first time I’ve ever seen the green type!


and so pretty in any language


Not outside but probably should be…

Sioncyn y gwair?
Ceiliog y Rhedyn

I think it’s actually a cricket not a grasshopper but they have cuter names

Criciedyn or cricsyn which the dictionaries give me is less endearing :wink:


Dychmygwch fy syndod pan welais y cyfle hwn i dynnu llun yr wythnos diwethaf.
Imagine my surprise when i saw this photo opportunity last week.

Cheers J.P.