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When to start reading?


I enjoyed the first few stories of Ffenestri but I’m struggling now. Might take a break and learn more before I continue.


Yes, and she also increases the difficulty quite cleverly and subtly. The stories at the start of Ffenestri are written in the present tense and she doesn’t introduce the preterite until later on.


It didn’t feel so subtle to me :frowning: I understood at lot from the first 6 but struggling with the next ones. I get the gist but understand less. I’ll try again but taking a little break


Perhaps it was subtle to me because I spaced reading the stories out quite a lot. I’m not exactly an avid reader, even in English, so I probably (it was a while ago) left at least a week between stories, so my ability would have improved quite a lot between the first story and when the preterite was introduced.

Also, I was doing DuoLingo at the same time as SSIW, so I was exposed to lots of different tenses quite quickly.


I read a lot and probably read those stories far too quickly! I have used Duolingo but don’t often remember what I’ve learnt so I’ve stopped at the moment. Except I’ve been using the flashcards to learn months and days. I need to pace myself with my Welsh reading I think.


I like Welsh word as well, you may interested in this welsh word list also


Is this spam?


Might be I haven’t opened link just in case @jen


@jen and @Tricia
Well at the link there’s a document called The Welsh Vocabulary Builder from the Welsh Society of Vancouver.
Doesn’t look like spam to me, but if you’re in doubt…wait for @koshal to give more details! :smiley: