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Diolch. That would be great - I have a work do on 24th may so may be worse for wear… Cawn i weld!


Achhh - I’ll buy you a hair of the dog… :smile:



In that case…!




Just to remind Leeds and Yorkshire folk about the walk in Roundhay Park - which is a ‘walk and talk’ opportunity for the ‘ol Cymraeg - on Sat the 20th July - tomorrow as I type.

This is organised by Leeds Cymdaethas and will have the regular SSIWers there too.

Meeting by the Roundhay Fox at 11.30. Some are going on for food at the Deer Park at 1.30.

Caffrey the dog is coming again tomorrow to see if his Welsh has improved since last year - I’ll also bring his ball just in case!

Rich :slight_smile:


Did I miss the meet up today? Think I got caught out by 4th Sat of every month vs last Sat of the month - there’s a 5th Sat in August!


Yes it’s a bit of a gotcha isn’t it - the 4th Saturday thing - you missed a good meeting - tipyn o hwyl.

We were denied the use of upstairs as it had been hired out :open_mouth: …so we went downstairs and sat in the window in the sun - dim problem! :smile:

So, y tro nesa!

We seem to be steadily accumulating members and this has worked perfectly in a world where everyone is busy and it is the holiday period so people sometimes can’t go.

If everyone turns up one time in autumn we might have an interesting challenge! But that would be great of course. :+1:

Rich :slight_smile:


I see that the construction of the new platform 0 is going to close much of Leeds railway station on 26 October (and all of it on the 27th).
Do we want to change the date of our meeting or continue on 26th with fewer people?
Either way, we need to know by the September meeting on 28th so people can plan ahead.


Wow, ok. Do you know if they are cancelling services that terminate there or stopping at them at the previous station with a bus for the last leg?



Having discussed at the last meeting we agreed the best thing to do was to meet a week earlier in October - so the 19th.

I took an action to post this on the forum (ahem :roll_eyes:)

So there you are - action done !

Rich :slight_smile:


Can you tell me when the next meeting in Leeds is happening? I think I am feeling brave enough to come and try to siarad Cymraeg! On the surface my knowledge of Welsh is quite good as I am Welsh by birth and was educated in Welsh until I was nine years old. However Welsh was not spoken at home and I have lived in Yorkshire for almost 50 years. I have been doing duolingo for 3 years and have now finished Level 1 challenges on SSiw. Diolch Chris(tine) H


Hi @chrissie

Wow, how cool to be educated in Welsh until you were 9 - it will all still be in there ! With that great progress on SSIW you are well overdue a meeting :wink:

We had quite a big conversation about dates on Saturday because we are thinking of switching to the second Saturday from the new year (because the 4th Saturday - as it is now - runs into bank holidays - and for example Xmas).

We agreed that the January meeting will be on the 11th…there are a couple of people who come regularly who couldn’t be there on Saturday who we want to check with before changing them all.

If you are able to go on the 14th Dec, some of us will get together in the Tap for a slightly shorter meeting because there is a Welsh/ English Carol service on that day in the area which quite a few regulars are going to - some directly from the meeting (open to all in fact if you fancy going to that).

Let me know if you are interested- I will Post here as the arrangements get confirmed.

Rich :slight_smile:


Hi Thank you for such a speedy reply! I would like to go to the Carol Service and to the shorter meeting on the 14th. I will watch out for the post. Excited at the prospect of meeting other learners! Diolch


Can you tag me once this is decided please and I’ll alter it in the newsletter? I’ve put Dec 14th there for now, in case anyone looks.


Hi @Deborah-SSi,

Yes will do - I’ll keep you in the loop as we pin things down!

Rich :slight_smile:


Hello, Chrissie

You aren’t alone; those feelings are a stage to go through and some of us are still in!

Having learned Welsh at school, does that mean that you can read Welsh, write Welsh, even think in Welsh? I ask because you may want to spend all your time in Welsh conversation, but equally you may wish to play a game in Welsh, read a story in Welsh, try a role play in Welsh, etc. Let us know so we can bring something appropriate with us.

See you in 2020



Hi It’s a long time since I was nine and adult vocabulary is more extensive! Also I have had to learn a whole new vocab about computers etc. Having said all that I have read a couple of simpler Welsh adult books and can follow a lot of the New Testament in Welsh using an audio app. and do quite often find that I am not translating in my head as I go along which is interesting. I am interested in all the things you suggest but don’t expect too much from me ! I am really looking forward to taking my Welsh further and hopefully gaining conversation confidence Diolch yn fawr iawn


Hi Raymond I inadvertently replied to the email but you probably won’t get it so here goes again! It’s is such a long time since I was 9 however I do remember a lot of vocab although of course adult vocab is much more extensive and Duo has furnished me with many computer related words. Can I think in Welsh? that’s an interesting question i have read a couple of Adult Welsh learner books and can follow quite a lot of the New Testament in Welsh using an audio app and find that often I am following without translating in my head. I am keen to gain conversational confidence and would be interested in all the things you suggest. I am both excited and nervous about the prospect of meeting you all! Diolch yn fawr iawn


Hi @chrissie,

Right!..lots of communication today to try to sort out some logistics…because the service is at 2pm and in Morley quite a few people are going straight there rather than going to The Tap first.

However, Emma has said that she will come to the Tap first - so will I - and then Iona has kindly offered to give us a lift - with her mother, to the service (which is an amazing offer!).

So, if you fancied that - it could be a bit of a Welsh whirlwind!

Let me know. ( I’ve realised I don’t know where you are travelling from or whether you are already in Leeds. ) I live in Harrogate so I go to Leeds by train for the meetings.

Rich :slight_smile:


Welsh/English Carol Service
Saturday, 14th December 2019, 2.00 - 3 p.m.

Central Methodist Church, Wesley Street, Morley, LS27 9EE­­­

Everyone is welcome - there will be SSIWers there from the Leeds/ Yorkshire meeting and the Leeds/ Bradford Welsh society - see below, so a great chance to catch up with a couple of Wales-related communities in the area (also to get a mince pie and a cup of tea!). Details below…

The Leeds and Bradford Welsh Societies are once again organising a Welsh/English Carol Service and invite members and former members of local Welsh Societies, friends of the Cymanfa Ganu, Welsh people and those who are fond of Wales to join them in Morley. There will be Christmas carols, prayers and readings in both languages.

The service will begin at 2.00 p.m. and will be followed by tea, coffee and mince pies!