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2020 April Bwtcamp **Fully Booked!**


Hi All,
I am really impressed by everyone’s willingness to help with the journeys to and from the bwtcamp. I’m so looking forward to meeting all you lovely, kind, helpful people. :smiley:


You’re amazing @Ingrid.L!
How about this: You pick me up in Camarthen and in return I’ll buy you a beer or two in the pub? :smile:


For those who want to travel by public transport: There is a bus called “Cardi Bach”. It runs from Aberteifi (Cardigan) to New Quay through many small villages. The journey from Aberteifi to Tresaith is about half an hour. If you come from Aberystwyth, you can take the bus to Aberteifi and change in New Quay.


Thanks for the info @brigitte :slight_smile:


@Camilla_Walker: sounds like a good deal… :slight_smile::beers:


Thank you so much again @Ingrid.L :sunny:
I hope I didn’t sound rude before…it wasn’t my intention to argue, but I was so amazed by your kind offer that my natural compulsion of not wanting to cause anyone any inconveniences got the better of me.
I’m sorry if I hurt you.

A beer or two for you in the pub it is, then :smile: :beers:


Not at all… :slight_smile: Dim Problem :grin::grin::grin::grin:


A Bit Off Topic … Led Zeppelin had a song with the title Bron y Aur stomp. I once saw a house sign in Snowdon area with this name but have no idea if there is a connection.


The Bron Y Aur Stomp was written near Machynlleth :slight_smile:


Thank you for that link. @Cetra I gobble this sort of info like a voracious lion.

But meanwhile back on Bootcamp discussion…

I wish we could come sometime but we can’t for the time being due to home commitiments.


At what time should I be in Carmarthen @Ingrid.L?


Hello all!

Sorry for the silence - there’s a few questions for me to answer here, but it’s Half term and I’m off out with the kids to Swansea / Abertawe today. I have a few jume-Bwtcamp-tasks to do tomorrow / tonight so i shall come in and answer these at the same time.

A brief reading of your kindness to each other so far makes me think that, once again, I’m going to have a centre full of slightly nervous, apprehensive, new Welsh speakers on Saturday evening who become best of friends within hours (minutes?) and enjoy a week of helping, laughing, growing, laughing and sometimes just laughing. You are already stars - I can’t wait to watch you becoming Welsh speaking stars!

Info later!



Enjoy your holidays, Iestyn! Andrew and I met for a panad in Winchester yesterday and found it hard to stop gabbing… :grin: (äähhhh… were doing some stuff in Welsh and some in English… :grimacing:)

VERY MUCH looking forward to the whole thing!


Oh - sorry @Camilla_Walker… didn’t see your message before (must have been Andrews fault… we were talking too long, yesterday! :joy:). Well, it is just under an hours drive… We are supposed to meet in Tresaith at 4pm? So, maybe something like 2:45pm at the train or bus station (where ever you get in?)


Does that sound ok to you?

Uuh… I suppose it’s better to do these arrangements in a privat post, so we don’t bore other people with our plans… Shall do that now and send you my contact details…


Guilty as charged! But in my defense you are very easy to have a ‘sgwrs’ with Ingrid! Lovely to meet you.



Bore da all!

A couple of things that have appeared up thread:

  1. Sleeping: You will need duvet and cover / sleeping bag etc, a sheet and pillow case (there are pillows there) and a towel. For anyone struggling to bring those - eg coming from abroad with restricted luggage space - it may be possible to borrow some from the canolfan (they’ve lent to us before), or from me or another bwtcamper.

  2. Eating. There is a big communal kitchen, and we usually cook meals as a group - two peple are forced, sorry, volunteer, to cook, and they do the shopping, prepare the meal, and work out what it cost. divide that between the munber of poeple eating, and collect the money in a bowl on the corner table. There is ususally a mixture of vegetarians and non vegetarians in the group, and it’s usually possible to either make two similar meals one with meat the other without, or for everyone to eat vegetarian. It’s pretty relaxed, and the only real restriction is that we are based in rural West Wales, and you have a shopping choice generally of fairly restricted local shops, or holding your nose and going to Tesco. Having said that, there is a ‘measure your own’ shop in Castell Newydd Emlyn, and various other interesting shops if you know where to look.

  3. Transport on Bwtcamp. Bwtcampers generally get around for the week in cars. Mine takes up to 8 at a squeeze - 7 in reasonable cvomfort (the 8th has to sit in the middle of the bench seat in the front, straddling the gear stick!), so generally, unless everyone arrives by public transport, getting around is ok!

4 Public transport to Bwtcamp. Arriving at Tresaith is easier than it seems from looking at the timetables. There is a regular bus between Aberystwyth and Aberteifi (Cardigan) - I think it’;s hourly - that stops in Tan y Groes, about a mile up the hill, or Aberporth, a mile along the coast. If we know you are coming, we can meet you at either bus stop and get you to Tresaith. There is also the Cardi bach option, which is lovely, will introduce you to the area really well, possibly including conversations with local Welsh speakers (although it’s equally likely, that everyone else will be tourists). The Cardi bach stops at various places also visited by the Aberystwyth - Aberteifi bus (eg, Aberteifi, Aberporth, Aberaeron, I think), but doesn’t run very often, and takes hours!

There will be more detail in the ‘joining instructions’ that I send out about a month before bwtcamp, when I will also be asking about any special dietary needs, allergies and all the important background stuff like emergency contacts etc

Obviously, any questions, keep asking, but otherwise, ignore me and get on with your conversations here. I love watching bwtcampers becoming a team even before we know what each other look like! Da iawn, bawb!


Diolch, Iestyn…

My car takes 4 people (but the two in the back will be better off to have no legs at all, if they want to sit comfortably… :rofl:)


Diolch Iestyn, I feel sorry for anyone to is brave enough to try anything I cook lol


Well, Sandra, that’s the beauty about cooking in teams… You try to team up with someone who feels more confidant about spices etc. and you volunteer to do the washing/ chopping of the veggies. :wink:

Or else you buy a stack of ready made meals…:joy: (just kidding)…

I am sure we’ll be able to come up with delicious and healthy food.

As a tour guide I used to run camping tours… even more of a challenge: feed a group on a camping cooker with very limited shopping options in the Highlands of Iceland in the middle of a storm in a tent threatening to blow away. Went well most of the time and was certainly always edible… :slight_smile: We’ll be fine, as long as people bear in mind that some recipes are fun to cook for 2 people, but a nightmare if you do it for 12… like risotto… you’d be stirring for hours and hours… or making homemade pasta… keep it simple is the trick! :slight_smile:


Beans on toast all round…YEY!!! :wink: Adore cheesy beans on toast…so I’m happy