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2020 April Bwtcamp **Fully Booked!**


Also south.


Ingrid, we can be frindiau - I’m also a gog learner :slight_smile:


Iestyn, can we have some information on what we need to take, how the food is planned and information out the ‘sleeping’ arrangements please.


Ahhh - Fran… Dw’in licio ti yn barod!:smiley::smiley::smiley::smiley:


Noswaith dda Camilla.

I’m so sorry but I’m at Silverstone (Formula 1) on the Saturday and therefore won’t get there until around 9pm. I would willingly have had you stay with me on the Friday night had I been at home.

You are welcome to travel back to Cardiff with me at the end of the course though if that will help - provided that my brain will still function enough to be able to drive!!

Try googling budget hotels/hostels in the Centre of Cardiff. I don’t know of any off hand but I’m sure there will be some.

Pob lwc.



Noswaith dda Vanessa,

please don’t apologise on my account for going to have a great day at the Formula 1!
I’m sure I’ll get to Tresaith on my own. Let’s see if public transport in Wales can be as adventurous as here in Germany :wink:

If it’s really, truly not bothering you it would be great if I could travel back with you to Cardiff at the end of the course. Thank you so much for offering it to me!


Dim problem.


Hello Ildiko,

I am not sure how easy it is to reach Tresaith by public transport…

I will be staying in Lampeter at a friends place, so I cannot offer you a place to stay (apart from the fact that it is probably just as bad to get to Lampeter as it is to get to Tresaith), but you should be able to make it from Cardiff to Camarthen on Saturday morning and I could take a bit of a detour to Camarthen to pick you up in time to make it to Tresaith by 4pm, if you wish.

Just let me know…


#170 will tell you the best way. Personally I would take the train from Cardiff to Swansea, possibly having to change in Swansea. On arrival in Carmarthen, cross over the foot bridge to the bus station and then take whatever buses have recommended. Or get a lift from your fellow bootcamp ers.


I’ve just looked into how I’m going to get to Tresaith and it looks like a fun journey- train from Chesterfield to Birmingham, another train to Aberystwyth, a third train to Cardigan and then a bus to Tresaith. Six hours of travel altogether. :grin:


:joy: The joys of public transport in Wales… Plenty of opportunities to practise your Welsh at train stations and in busses!

I feel almost guilty that all I need to do is drive half an hour down the road…



It gets better! I’m in Bangor for a week after Bwtcamp, and there are no direct trains from either Cardigan or Aberystwyth so I have a six-hour bus journey to look forward to!


Well, after Bwtcamp I will be heading to Harwich. I could take you part of the way.

I could drop you off in Aberystwyth or in Shrewsbury. Or, alternatively, I could go the southern route and drop you off in Swansea, Cardiff or Bristol.

Just let me know…


Ingrid, if you’re serious that would be incredibly helpful. A lift to Aberystwyth cuts my journey time almost in half, as my first bus takes a somewhat scenic route!

I don’t envy that drive, though- Tresaith to Harwich is a hell of a way to go.


Thank you all so much for your help and kindness! I’m looking forward to Bwtcamp even more now :blush:

Thank you again for offering to give me a lift back to Cardiff @vanessa-powys. It’s gladly accepted :sunny:

How do you define “a bit of a detour” @Ingrid.L? I don’t want to cause you any inconveniences :persevere:


@DaveHedgehog - I know it’s a long drive, but I have til the evening to catch the ferry back to the Netherlands and on to good old Germany. Done it a few times before and sure not looking forward to it. Will have to go via Lampeter though, as I will have to borrow bedding from my friends there. Haven’t been home to take my sleeping bag. My car is not too big, so be warned - it is not luxurious… but it drives and there is sound and heating… :slight_smile:

@Camilla_Walker: well, it doubles the distance from 40 min to 1,5 hours. So it is a detour, but not a 3 h one… if you find an easy way to get there by yourself: go for it. If you are stuck: I’ll pick you up and you can buy me a beer in the pub… :wink:


Edit: found a bus! Apparently there’s one direct to Aberystwyth which only takes an hour, so I’d like to accept that offer of a lift to Lampeter if possible! Very generous of you, and much appreciated.


No problem at all… :slight_smile: To Lampeter it is then (very Welsh-speaking town… more opportunities to practice your Welsh…


HI all, Sorry my car will be fully loaded, as myself @gwylan and @Oddsandgirl will be coming up together. We’ll be calling into the Drefach Felindre event on the way up, if anyone is thinking of going we could meet up there 1st. We’re aiming for mid-day but with traffic could be earlier or later than that. Looking forward to meeting you all, making lots of mistakes (I hope there are A LOT of peas available) and generally mucking in and having a good ol’ laugh. Only 10 weeks to go!!!


:dancer::dancer::dancer: 10 weeks yipiiehhhh