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2020 April Bwtcamp **Fully Booked!**


Much too late for me I’m afraid ! Brain dead by that time as up very early every day !


Agreed, bit too late, I don’t function well after 9pm haha…so we either go ahead for 7pm or postpone. Could get awkward arranging a time to suit everyone, it’s always the way sadly, so maybe a weekend would be better, not necessarily this weekend as we have 8 weeks yet :slight_smile: Votes for a weekend please and preferred time? GO!! :slight_smile:


I can do most evenings (except Wednesdays) from 7. (Although that said next week I can do Wednesday evening!)…
I can do the weekend if that is what is best for everyone…Saturday afternoon or evening or Sunday evening (after 8)


Most evenings around 7 fine, sat or Sunday would need to be around 9/9.30 in the morning


Sut mae Pawb

I work a shift pattern which changes weekly so I’ll just try to join whenever it takes place if I can.



I’m happy that you’re all trying to include me, but feel free to go ahead without me. :grinning:

I’m free on Monday evenings/nights and all day on Tuesdays and Wednesdays if any of those are good for everyone else. If none of those are any good, I don’t mind missing it and getting to know you all during the Bwtcamp.

I’ve reached the point where I’m starting to get very nervous, but I just keep remembering that there’ll be plenty of pub time in Tresaith. Past experience has taught me that nerves about speaking a new language cannot resist several pints of stout.


Helo Pawb

I have opened a doodle link. Doodle is a little, free tool to coordinate meetings. You do not need an account of any sort

If I have done everything right, then you just click on the “BWTCAMP CYFARFOD” to open a table with suggested times and dates. (I have created it on my notebook, which runs on German time, but you should see the suggested times in UK time, so e.g. the first suggested meeting time should be tomorrow 7pm UK time.

My suggestion is that we all tick the times we could participate and then we just choose the date with the most candidates.



and… whilst I was at it I also opened one for food… behind THIS Doodle link is a table with food options and cooking options that can be ticked to indicate preferences and food intolerances…


Filled mine out. Unfortunately I’m only available on the Monday and Tuesday. I’m at work all weekend!


Thanks for the help with the Doodle ap Ingrid. I’ll start the hangout for 7pm tomorrow evening anyway just to get the ball rolling as it were, and whoever is free just pop in and say hello, and we can arrange another hangout (or more) based on the results of the Doodle ap. I’ll post the link here at about 6.45pm tomorrow evening.


Diolch Caz. will try and get my computer to let me join in tomorrow at 7


Good news- I got my shifts mixed up and it turns out that I finish at 1pm tomorrow, so I’ll be there at 7 with whoever else can make it.


Thank you for setting up the Doodle links @Ingrid.L, they do make things a lot easier :smile:

I’m looking forward to tomorrows hangout! It’s great you’ll be able to make it after all @DaveHedgehog :sunny:


Well done with the Doodle polls. They were so easy for me to complete. :smiley:


Hello. I am rubbish at this system but am very interested in a July or September bet camp. Judy


Evening all, here’s the google link for 7pm.


Great, thank you :slight_smile:
If everything’s going to work accordingly, I’ll see you in a few minutes!


It seems that Hangouts isn’t compatible with my tablet. Serves me right for buying a Kindle on the cheap. I’ll try to get in on the next one and make sure that I’m at home to use my PC rather than out and about. Sorry, all.


Oh no, I’m sorry to hear you won’t be able to join us @DaveHedgehog :slightly_frowning_face:


access through the chrome browser. I’m in hte middle of cooking dinner so won’t be able to stay for ages