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2020 April Bwtcamp **Fully Booked!**


Mwnhau x


Diolch Ingrid, I’m looking forward to Friday 20th :smile:


Looks like I might be able to join you after all, folks- the Indian government has suspended all issued tourist visas as of March the 13th, so I’ll still be in the UK. There’s a bright side to everything, I suppose. :grin:


Well, Darren - it will be lovely to meet you… although the reason is truly sad.


I’m sorry you can’t go to India Darren, but I look forward to meet you!


Shw mae, bawb?

It’s brilliant that you’re all getting on with this so well - Bwtcamp is going to be an absolute pleasure!

One thing that I have to bring up (sorry to lower the mood!).

The UK government announced yesterday that we are now going from ‘contain’ to Delay’ when it comes to the Coronavirus pandemic. That means that things are ramping up and it’s been accepted that the virus is serious and no longer contained.

So - here’s the question. What do we do about Bwtcamp?

There’s four things I’m considering now (please ad more if you think of them):

  1. We are not a ‘mass gathering’ - there will be less than 15 of us on Bwtcamp, including people helping etc. In other words, the chance of us catching the virus from each other is low. We can be sensible with hand washing and antiviral surface wipes etc, and can make sure that we take precautions in the ganolfan and when we are travelling round to minimise the possibility of catching anything. We have no confirmed cases in Ceredigion yet, and while there are cases in Pembrokeshire and Carmarthenshire, they are far from any places that we will be going.

  2. I am aware that by bringing a group of people to Ceredigion, I am running the risk of bringing the virus here myself. Again, if we take sensible precautions, I think we can minimise that possibility

  3. Psychological impact - while we will be enjoying ourselves immensely, loved ones and friends may be concerned / worried. That could have an impact on your enjoyment of Bwtcamp. And if you’re not enjoying, it won’t work!

  4. Logistically, I can run a Bwtcamp with 9 people, 8 at a real push, but less than that means that the ‘group’ ethos - the non-stop, ‘always sometime happening’ starts to break down, which means that the people on Bwtcamp may not get what they’ve paid for. That is tough on the Bwtcampers, but also on the holiday leaders.

In other words, if 2 of you feel you need to / have to drop out for any reason, the bwtcamp is potentially compromised for everyone.

So what are your thoughts?

  1. Is there anyone booked on Bwtcamp who is nervous about coming because of Coronavirus? If so, please let me know - by PM, email, or on the thread here. The last thing I want to do is force people to go who don’t want to. In the circumstances, we will transfer your booking to another bwtcamp, or refund if necessary.

  2. If none of us want to pull out, then is everyone happy that we can control the risks with sensible precautions? Obviously if things change, then we have to change with them, but currently there are no confirmed cases in the area, and government advice is still just to be careful.

  3. If we are uncertain about controlling the risks, or if the situation / advice changes, then we may have to cancel. If that happens, then we will have to transfer your bookings to a later Bwtcamp, or potentially try to get an additional slot somewhere.

I am currently in favour of going ahead - there is no advice to say that we should, but I am totally reliant on your thoughts and feelings on this. Let me know!


I am very happy to go ahead, thanks for the update Iestyn.


More than happy to go ahead Iestyn thank you


Hi Iestyn,

I appreciate the update and for asking our opinion. Personally, I’ve been really looking forward to bwtcamp so I can take my welsh speaking to the next level and would be gutted to miss the opportunity to go. However, things are changing on a daily basis with this virus so in corona terms April seems a long way off. There are 3 things stopping me from going.

  1. I have young children so wouldn’t be able to leave my wife to fend for herself if she or they get ill
  2. The government forces further restrictions.
  3. I get symptoms so can’t run the risk of giving it to others.

My plan would still be to go as things stand but I would like the opportunity to move to another bwtcamp as late as possible rather than get a refund as its so hard to get on to one in the first place!

Ideally I’d like to stay with the same group as we’ve been getting on pretty well for people that haven’t met each other yet! Would it be possible to move the whole group to another date IF you can’t get the numbers in weeks to come?



Wild horses won’t keep me away ( but the government might!) Really hope it goes ahead.


Thank you for the update, Iestyn.
Unless my flight to the UK doesn’t get cancelled, the trains within the UK are still running and the hostel doesn’t inform me they have to close, I’m definitiely in!


I’m happy with any outcome.

While I’m not overly concerned myself, I understand that other people may be and also that as the virus progresses, things may change regarding gatherings and travel around the country.

If Bwtcamp goes ahead, I’ll be happy. If it has to be rearranged for a later date because of how people feel or other developments, I’ll still be happy.

If we have to cancel altogether, I won’t mind as long as there’s a chance to transfer our places. If I get to go on a Bwtcamp I don’t mind when it is. :grin:


Hi Pawb. I’m VERY focused on coming to Bwtcamp on April 25th and will be very disappointed if it doesn’t run… however I’m like Andrew in that my movement could be restricted by childcare commitments and Government policy.

Personally I would be happy to attend if at all possible, with sensible precautions taken. Can see the issue with minimum numbers (bwtcampers and helpers).

Given the fluidity of the situation, how about we reconvene on the subject on a weekly basis and set a deadline to make a decision (e.g. early April?) on how to proceed once there’s more clarity about the bigger picture. Maybe some of the folk who missed out on the April booking could be lined up in case any of us have to postpone?

Really appreciate your well-considered message Iestyn. It’s going to be a tricky call :-/


I have sat in do many meetings this week where Covid-19 has been the main agenda item and all the while thinking “but what about Bwtcamp”, do thanks for the post Iestyn.
Personally I really want it to go ahead, a week away from all the Covid-19 meetings whilst having the opportunity to try and become a Welsh speaker sounds just what I need! In fact it may be a way of avoiding contracting the virus as in that environment it will be easier to implement all the necessary precautions and minimize the risk.

Only slight concern would be whether we will get the best experience from the local community…I wonder how they will feel about a bunch of random strangers coming in (and possibly risking bringing it with us) thereby destroying their virus-free status?

I would like to see it go ahead but if it can’t would want my place transferred to another bwtcamp (it took a lot of courage to sign up for this and couldn’t believe my luck on getting a place). But obviously we will need to make the final decision nearer the time taking into consideration the most up to date advice and guidance.

As it stands, I’m roaring to go!


Hi everyone, I am also VERY keen to come. Having said that my situation is a bit uncertain at the moment and I just don’t know where I will stand in a few weeks time.

I moved from Winchester to Wales yesterday and am in hiding in the middle of nowhere near Lampeter with friends now, who are self-isolating, because they are worried to catch it (they are elderly and have underlying conditions - so they consider themselves “target group” for complications, should they catch it).

My original plan for the next 5 weeks was very pleasant: This week with my friends in Lampeter, then two weeks of Welsh intensive course in Nant Gwrtheyrn (National Welsh Language Centre), then two weeks of running walking tours in North Wales based in the National Park Study Centre in Maentwrog (all Welsh speakers there) and then the bwtcamp with you guys. I was hoping to be really immersed into Welsh by that time! After that I planned a short visit home to Germany (mostly to bring my car back and fetch some summer clothing) and then it was meant to go full blast into my walking/ guiding season in Britain and Ireland without any rest until mid-October.

Now I have simply no clue what the future will look like. Will the Nant cancel my two week language course that is due to start next week??? Will my walking tours be cancelled by travel warnings, the tour operator or the National Park Study Centre??? Will the situation in Britain get worse? Will I be forced to stay in self isolation with my friends here in Lampeter as things turn more dramatic??? (and another question - are we still gonna be friends after living together for weeks??? :joy:) - the test of time might tell) Will the government close the borders, so I cannot go home after bwtcamp, meaning I will be stuck without a place to stay? Will the world fall apart and the stars and the moon fall from the sky???

Like I said - I am VERY keen to come, but there are constellations, when I would need to cancel

  1. I am sick myself
  2. My Mum (85 and not healthy) is so sick that I’d need to go back home to Germany
  3. My friends in Lampeter do get ill (despite precautions) and need my help
  4. The borders are closed and I would have nowhere to go after bwtcamp, if I leave the self-isolation in Lampeter.

It is very likely that postponing bwtcamp will make it impossible for me to come, since I have ZERO flexibility taking time off and usually have to plan months and months and months ahead.

So - my answer is a definite “maybe”… tending towards a “YEEESSSSSS”…

Hope that sort of ambiguous answer helps nevertheless…

Keep on washing your hands and singing “happy birthday”… :wink:



So - if I have seen it right it is only Lisa’s opinion missing now - and so far everyone is keen, though no one knows for certain… guess that means there is still hope? :slight_smile:


Hi Pawb,
I did reply to Iestyn immediately, but l am in a croft on a remote Scottish island and connectivity is variable. So, to try again, although I am over 60, I am healthy, so I will come if the bwtcamp takes place. I am looking forward to meeting you all to Siarad cymraeg.
Chin up, bwtcampers, and hope for the best.




Yey 10/10 still hopeful - excellent. Let’s keep our hopes up as Lisa says, and fingers crossed it dissipates quickly. We’ve had similar scares like this before avian flu, SARS etc, so I’m hopeful (well praying) it pitters out asap. We have hope people!!! :slight_smile:


I’m with Fran on this, I think. With the possibility of impending travel restrictions and business closures, as well as today’s announcement from the government that there’s soon going to be recommended isolation for those over 70, we should probably keep our eye on it and decide closer to the time.

On the bright side, I’m picking up some really interesting medical vocabulary from BBC Newyddion that will no doubt come in handy. :grinning: