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Anyone here?


I’m from NE US and am another Duolingo break-taker (though not from Welsh). I read about SSI’s method and had to try it out…
Other than that, I have absolutely no connection to Welsh (hence, no one to practice it on).


Hi, emilie-s,

I’m also from NE US, and I’m looking for someone to swap sentences with – I’m on challenge 21 of Level 1, so I’m pretty new at this!

I’m not on highspeed internet, so over the phone would be easiest for me; let me know if you want to
give it a try. Looking forward to hearing from you – @emilie-s



Sut dych chi, @Casnewydd! That’s familiar territory for me (my family is scattered across Macomb / Warren / Detroit / Rochester Hills). Just wanted to say hello! :slightly_smiling_face:


Kim dw i. Dw i’n bwy yn Indiana.

I’ve been on an extended break after my mom’s passing and so I’m starting over with L1 Ch 1.


Helô i ti JHyde !


If you register with the open Welsh Speaking Practice (WSP) Slack group, there is a channel called #the-americas that you can join. That’s another good place to find people to chat with online who live in the American time zones.

If you’re not a member of the WSP, just send an email to with WSP as the subject and you’ll receive an invitation to join.


Bore da dw i’n byw ger Boston a dw i’n dysgu Cymraeg i Duolingo. It would be great to try to talk welsh with someone.


Shwmae. Wayne dw i. Dw i’n bwy yn Phoenix. I’m level 1 around lesson 17. Also using Duolingo. I have Welsh ancestry so that’s the reason I wanted to start learning Welsh.


I’m in Massachusetts and I too would like to try speaking Welsh with someone. Would you like to?



Yes, also I have found the New England Welsh Society who are doing online meetings, I found the link somewhere here


Helo! Kylee dw i. Dw i’n byw yn Utah!


Does everyone here know that if you join the free Welsh Speaking Practice Slack group, there is a channel there for chatting with other Welsh learners/speakers in the US/Canada time zones?

If you’d like an invitation to join, just send an email to with WSP as the subject :slight_smile:


S’mae! Dw i’n byw yn Cleveland, OH.

As Deborah says, please do join the Slack group and the Americas channel! We are starting to do a regular group video call, just for half an hour, next week (I’m on holiday this week), but I can post the link here too.


I live in Indiana!!! Had an obsession with a Welsh band when I was 13 and started learning Welsh through Duolingo… got really serious when i was 15, and now that I’m 16, I’m using SSIW to speak better. :blush:


Hi!! I haven’t been online in a while, but I’m in Ohio, too. Are you in northern or southern Ohio? I’m at the top, in Cleveland.


I’m in Cleveland, too!


@tess and @suw I’m in Toledo, so not too far away. :slightly_smiling_face: Could you please post or PM me the conversation link, also? If it works with my schedule, I’d like to join in. I’ve been neglecting practice chats for too many months, now. :neutral_face:


Hi Tess. Could i sit in on this too ?. I really need the speaking practice but not sure if my level is up to it.
Im in Royal Oak Mi.


Northern California here. Our family started on Duolingo and are currently using that along with SSIW. We dont really have any welsh connections other than me being 1% welsh… yes 1 (thanks ancestry), and my husband being 3% welsh = ) We started on Cymraeg after he discovered his family was from NW euorpe…and supposedly his last name means welsh speaker, but how true that is I dont know.


New York City / Efrog Newydd yma!