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Anyone here?


Noswaith dda Dan. Mae fy mab yn byw yn Hells Kitchen


I am very much a beginner here so I will no doubt mangle my replies, ond… Noswaith dda, dw i’n byw yn Prospect Lefferts, Brooklyn.


Ble yn Cleveland ydach chi? Dw i’n byw yn Shaker Heights!

Just finished level 1 challenge 18 (southern), looking for a zoom conversation partner

This is the Slack link:

It will expire in 4 days (ie 7 jan). Once you’re joined up, join #the-americas channel.

If folks would like to have a call next week, how would Monday 10th Jan work for people?


Hi! Just saw this. I’m not the one that does the online thing (no internet, I visit the library to check messages), that was suw - I think she posted the link here somewhere.


Dw i’n byw yn West Park. :slight_smile:


Ah, dw i’n gweld!

Mae 'na tri ohonym ni, nawr, 'te. Mae 'na rywun sydd yn byw ger fi, hefyd. Efallai, pan mae’r pandemic wedi mynd heibio, byddwn ni’n cael sgwrs mewn person.


Ie! Byddai hynny’n wych!


Mae gen i ddiddordeb mewn sqwrsio ar-lein. Dwi’n byw yn yr ardal Kansas City. - Bob


As a child, we visited our family in Bermuda. While waiting for my Aunti to pick us up, I heard what I thought was two women singing to each other. I asked my mom about it and they heard me. The one said, I’m speaking Welsh, and my friend is speaking Irish, different languages, we both understand. It’s a little game we play. I was tongue-tied and just said their song was beautiful, to which they laughed and said I was sweet.

When we returned home to the US, I looked up everything I could but was really attracted to the ancient lore of Wales (Mabinogin Teterology) and Ireland (Lebor Gabála Érenn), as well as the music.

I discovered that a lot of my favourite musicians and actors were Welsh and Irish, also found out we have family in Wales, Scotland, and the Irish Midlands that we don’t really talk about in my family.

Always hoped to learn to read, write, and speak the languages, but faced a lot of social prejudice about my interests in these and anything other than African and African-American culture, by both Black and White people, something that I find rare among people across the Atlantic, but very common in the USA.

How I would have loved friends to share these and the invented lore of Tolkien’s poems and prose, but it was never to be. I found other favourites like the Wizards Of Earthsea by Ursula LeGuin. Likewise, I had no real friends my age to share interests in science and science fiction, just adults.

Now that I may be immigrating to Ireland, Wales, or Scotland to found a music instrument making cooperative, it is even more important to more deeply learn the language as a bridge to culture and understanding along with the somewhat boring economics and business codes.


Helo Jill - Dw i’n byw yn Ottawa!


Bora Da - Im in New England too - New Hampshire. Just finished Challenge 2 so still a bit new to this


Bore da. Idaho here via a Welsh settlement called Malad. OK


Great to see more people from ‘across the pond’ joining us!

If you’re doing the 6 Minutes a Day structured course with access to the 6/6 Support Slack group, note that there is now a special online session on a Friday evening EST run by Oliver. He’d love to have more people joining the group!


I would like to start doing an intensive structured SSiW course.


Vancouver, Canada here. Ti’n iawn?



Bore Da! I just joined. I have been planning on this for a while but I wanted to wait until my Masters’ coursework was done.
A little history on me - as a child I lived for a while in Llanbedrog (in Gwynedd). I visited many times with my Gran and Grandad, even after they moved up the road to Mynytho. While I lived there I attended Ysgol Llanbedrog and still have fond memories. I was known as the welsh American kid… didn’t speak enough in either language so I mixed my sentences up. I’ve forgotten most of my spoken welsh, just a few phrases and I can count to 5 (woo boy). I find I can read a bit more or at least get the gist of the words. I love to watch programmes in Welsh, and with the English subtitles to help. Even though I spent such a short time in my life living in Wales, it is a part of me and my soul. I deal with hiraeth almost daily but will unlikely ever be able to move back. anway, I am here in the states, living in NJ - because that is where my wife is :slight_smile: As to the future, I’ll follow her (she makes the rules anyway!).




Waves hand
Here in Utica, New York, United States.
Dwi’n dechrau dysgu Cymraeg yn Mis Medi 2020. :slight_smile:
I love this beautiful language and have been creating media to hopefully help others develop an interest in learning it. If you would like the links, please give me a shout.


Hi! I’m in Northeast Ohio (Brunswick) if you’re still practicing. Would love to know about any meetups planned in The Cleveland Area.

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