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Anyone in the cold northern wastes of East Yorkshire?


Belated thanks. Will get some more vocabulary under my belt and come along late spring hopefully. Hwyl


…personally I found just being there a boost - I don’t really know how much I said the first time I went - it was more the sense - all of a sudden - that this Speaking Welsh thing was real!

Hard to describe actually but hearing others was a big part of it.

We have people at all levels and it’s very relaxed/ a bit of fun…so I wouldn’t wait long (= at all!)…

…just come on down - it will be great!

Rich :slight_smile:


Hi @rich I’ve just seen this thread. I’m in Grimsby so, trains permitting, I could join the group in the pub. Do you still meet on the second Saturday of the month? What time? I hope I’ll be able to get there.


Hi @mary-goddard,

Yes! Great!

So the next one will be 14th March and we are trying a new venue this time (because the group is growing and growing and at times The Tap can be very busy and hard to even hear yourself talk - let alone anyone else!)

I probably ought to tag @catrinlliarjones on this in case anyone else is planning to come next month for the first time - we have had a steady flow of newbies recently which is absolutely fabulous. It would be awful if somebody turned up for the first time and there was no one there!

So we are going to try the bar/ tea room in the Queens Hotel. This is the big hotel building which is attached to the train station and near the bus station (and not far from the Tap).

If you go in the main entrance from the street the tea room/ bar is on the right hand side of reception…you can just walk through.

If you are on the train you can go all the way out of the station and go around to the front of the Queens - as per above - but there is also a connecting corridor from inside, labelled Queens Hotel…if you go through the ticket barriers and bear left into the secondary shopping area there is a door next to the Sainsbury’s metro which you can walk through.

See you there! Where are you on the learning journey?!

Rich :slight_smile:


Hi @rich

I’ve checked the trains, and the 9:34 from Grimsby gets me to Leeds at 11:46. I hope that’s ok. I’ll see how it goes on the day. If everyone’s gone by then I’ll have some lunch and wander around the shops!

I’ve been trying to learn Welsh on and off for some years now - mostly off, unfortunately. I started again a few months ago with DuoLingo, then started SSIW 6 minutes a day about 6 weeks ago. I find that I’m remembering some Welsh that I learned before, but not always correctly.

I look forward to meeting up with the group! :slight_smile:


Ok, great that sounds perfect - people start arriving from about 11.30 and it usually goes on until about 2.30 with people coming and going - or sometimes popping in for a short spell.

I found SSIW via Duo Lingo too - I think quite a lot of people have. It sounds like a perfect time for you to come down and join the fun!

I’ll look forward to meeting you.

Rich :slight_smile:


Hi there! I live in Pocklington which is in East Yorkshire and wold be pleased to chat with anyone from this area.


Hi @StephenElliott

Are you able to get to the Leeds meeting? That’s a great way to meet up with lots of people with all different levels of Welsh.

Rich :slight_smile:


Thanks for the invite Rich, I’ll keep it in mind for future events


:+1: the next one is Saturday the 14th!

Rich :slight_smile:


I had every intention of attending the group tomorrow (14th), I even bought my rail ticket in advance, but have decided that I’ll give it a miss until we know more about this virus. I’m an “older” person and not too well anyway so I don’t want to do any unnecessary travelling. I so wanted to be there tomorrow but will join you later when things have settled.
Mary :mask:


Hi @mary-goddard,

Of course - no problem - see you soon,

Rich :slight_smile:



Think that I am ready to speak to a Cymro now. Has it been possible to restart the monthly Leeds SSiW meetings?



Hi David,

…Well there are a couple of Cymros in the group plus people with the full range of speaking experience …we are meeting on zoom at the moment - weekly on Saturdays at noon - shall I send you the zoom invite link?

We haven’t actually discussed re-convening physically yet…the technology seems to have many advantages in the short term.

Rich :slight_smile:


Hi Rich. Could I have the zoom link please? Diolch yn, fawr iawn. Aros yn iach


Of course…

…I’ll send it you by PM - give me 5 mins to find it!

Rich :slight_smile:


Hi Rich,

Would it be possible to have the Zoom link for this Saturday’s meeting?

Many thanks,



Hi @Liz-Price

Wrth gwrs - o f course! :sunny: I’ll send it to you via Private message.

Rich :slight_smile:


Thanks @rich :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi @lin-2

Did you get the zoom link I sent as a Private Message? (a green dot on your Avatar, circle-thing!)

Rich :slight_smile: