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Well, it didn’t take long for Hywel to come under suspicion, did it? I wonder what the post mortem showed that convinced them it wasn’t an accident.

And I’m away all next week! I’ll have to binge on PyC when I’m back at the beginning of the Eisteddfod week!


As there only appears to be one detective and not many more police who cover Cwmderi I wouldn’t be too harsh if they missed the knife in Sheryl’s back when they found her at the bottom of the stairs.
I wonder if Sheryl was pregnant (obviously not knowing who the father was) and perhaps Hywel or Gethin knew and she was murderered for some reason to do with that. Why did Sheryl adopt, doesn’t she have a child in America so presumably she still could have one - anyone know the history?



Sheryl’s son, Will, who she had with Darren, Anita’s son, decided to go and live in Canada with his dad. Sheryl then had another baby with Hywel, but he died very young when Sheryl was in hospital having heart surgery and Hywel was looking after him. They went through a rough patch and Sheryl decided to go off to volunteer in Africa somewhere and came back with Esther. Hywel took some time to get used to the idea and it was touch and go whether they would get to keep her initially as it wasn’t really an official adoption, but it worked out in the end.

OMB, I know far too much about this programme!


Me too - just in time for the double episode - don’t want to wish away my holiday but…


I’ve literally just finished watching the omnibus, oh my I don’t think it was Hywel. Randomly the ad breaks in the omnibus were shorter than usual. I think Anita will at least come under suspicion.


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No warning last time we saw it @Sylv I’ll
Never recover from the shock. :wink:


Nice cliffhanger in time for week off…



Well, what does everyone think? I’m still convinced it was Gethin.


I don’t know, everything in PYC has been so surprising recently that I could believe that it was Esther!

Seriously though, I doubt if it was Hywel and my money would definitely be on Gethin. However, I wouldn’t rule out something completely left field, what about Mike’s son, Kevin, was there a reason for him to come back. And not wishing to be sexist could that accusation be balanced with one of the women such as Gwyneth.


I wonder if I am the only one sitting with my lap top refreshing the clics4c page waiting to see when the latest edition of PYC is ‘released’. Also wondering why it is saying ‘ddim ar gael’ and not ‘dim’ or is that because there is the assumed personal pronoun before?


I don’t think, from his reactions, it could possibly be Hywel, but I don’t think it’s Gethin either. Gary is acting rather suspiciously at the moment and I wouldn’t be surprised if it turned out to be him. Motive? None whatsoever as far as I can see - but these are the kind of twists that these stories delight in.


The focus seems to have shifted away from Siôn and Anita for now so it looks like we are down to 4 possibles. I doubt it’s Hywel to be honest. What would Garry have to gain from it and why would he want to frame his mate? He is looking and acting very suspiciously though. Ffion and Gethin … I don’t know, there are motives for sure but I just don’t know. Kelly thought she was on to something with them two and she, to be fair, has a good nose for these things.

So, to summarize… I haven’t got a Scooby!


I wonder if Gary might be covering for somebody eg helped them dispose of the murder weapon. Think there’s a double bill on tonight.


I did think Gwyneth was a possibility as she has always had a vengeful streak, but to be honest it’s hard to imagine any of them actually bashing Sheryl on the head with that doorstop!

The new actor playing Rhys took me by surprise. It will take a while getting used to him, though I remember thinking the same when Chester Monk suddenly morphed into a different person and I can’t imagine him being anyone else now.




Well Gethin has confessed to Dani. Always thought he looks shifty.


Well @Kimberley it’s looking at the moment as if you were right!


I do hope Gwyneth has a life altering accident with a curling tong in her new salon.