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Nobody seemed to worry that Esther wasn’t in the will and therefore question it more…


Have I lost the plot here. Erin (who I understand was a character in PyC) owns the building the hairdresser’s was in. Presumably Gwyneth has ‘inherited’ the lease and the business goodwill? Has something been said about this and I missed it? Will Gwyneth still be able to trade and use the flat. Does anybody know??


This confused me too! I was under the impression that Sheryl owned the salon, and that was what she intended to leave to Dani, but then Erin’s name cropped up. Sheryl must have had a fairly hefty interest in the building though, or at least I would have thought, because she kicked Gwyneth out of the flat when Hywel threw her out, and amazingly, Gwyneth went!


This from Facebook PYC group in answer to someone asking if Sheryl owned the building…

‘No it was owned by a lady called Erin Mon who was left it by her Grandad I think. Julie and Sheryl rented the bottom to turn into the salon and Erin lived on the flat, which she subsequently rented out via Sheryl.’
I’m still pretty confused. Mind you I’m used to it. :grinning:


As a lawyer , I often despair at the TV treatment of landlord and tenant law. Pobol y Cwm is particularly cavalier about this.
In reality , a residential tenant can only be evicted by a court order which usually takes many months to obtain whereas in the show it tends to be ‘Make sure you are out by the end of the day ’ or similar.
In Sheryl’s case , as a business tenant , six month’s notice would be needed , expiring not before the end date of the lease ,and even then the lessee could only usually be evicted on limited grounds. Upon her death the benefit of the lease would ordinarily pass to her estate ie to her personal representatives (or executors )
As for Gwyneth - on the incredible basis that nobody noticed that she’d put a new page into Sheryl’s will - the show implies that she has been ’ left’ only the goodwill of the business (again hard to swallow ) and Erin is looking to sell the shop regardless of any rights of the tenant .
OK , dramatic licence and all that, but a bit more realism wouldn’t be amiss where important rights are involved .


Didn’t Non give up her job at the school as a teacher. Tonight she was marking homework. Did I miss something?


I do believe after she donated her kidney and recovered she had to wait for new school year to restart her placement.

I wonder if the actress who plays Non is pregnant, there seems to be a lot of long cardigans and tables/ cushions/ objects in front of her. She even slept facing the sofa back which I thought unusual…which of course is a difficulty given her storyline.


Yes she’s most definitely pregnant - there is quite a bump there. I think they’ve used all the same shots and props as they used with Dani, plus some, because Dani spent more and more time behind the bar - not a place you’d find Non.
What will happen when she goes on maternity?


Perhaps it is another part of the story line. If Jason can be having an affair (is he, did he, will he?) then perhaps Non is not quite the innocent she purports to be.
After all, I thought braces were stuck to each tooth and Non’s came off just a bit too easily!
And I can’t remember, did Jason kiss that woman or is she his sister or something innocent - he is certainly not acting like he is having an affair.
And why does nobody on PYC put their phones on silent!


Her braces did confuse me - I thought that when she had broken them (like when the wire occasionally goes ping), she would just go and get them fixed, but then they were off, and now they’re back on! That is not a process you would willingly go through twice! And no one mentioned it when they were off either!
I’m fairly sure that Jason didn’t kiss that woman, but he is very familiar with her, which makes me suspect a long lost sister thing. Although why he’s being so secretive about it, I’ve no idea.
And how come Eileen has turned into evil mum, and Sioned has gone all meek and mild (and shiney-faced for some reason)?


Well, now we know how S4C are going to deal with Non’s pregnancy - force her to leave Cwmderi!! However, does anyone think that DJ will go with her? Its been quite a while (ooh, at least three months) since the last massive cul of actors.


Indeed but then how was she a kidney match for Mark? I think dj will go with her.
I think they could have made more of Eifion helping deliver the baby…
I haven’t seen Monday’s yet I watch omnibus on a Sunday.


Is anyone else just dying for Jason to get caught out?


How long can he go on? He’s making a right mish-mash of hiding his habit isn’t he? I think Sara might actually set fire to him when she finds out…


Only so that he can get some help. Not quite sure where this story will go as Sara and Jason will have to leave their house if they can’t buy it as Gwyneth will be selling it. I am still a little unsure exactly who Sandra is though so another angle. With Non gone, DJ out of it (perhaps) then Sandra could enter the Cwmderi fold.


Sandra seems to be nothing more than a friend he’s met through gambling, maybe from a support group by the feel of their conversation in the casino last week.


He definitely needs it, and good for a show like PyC to cover such issues, but I find it excruciating sometimes waiting for the obvious to happen.


I just saw Britt shopping in Waitrose Barry. :grin:
I wanted to ask her if she had a hangover but after the way she shouted at Colin last night I was too scared. :sweat_smile:


I knew it, I just knew it - she didn’t lose Colin’s money through a scam, she put it in her own bank account. How else could she afford to be shopping in Waitrose?


Exactly!!! I’ve just requested a loyalty card so I can mix with the stars. Gonna cost me a bomb. :star_struck: