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Anyone watching Pobol Y Cwm? Rownd a Rownd? New Hangout to discuss soaps 🎬


The other thing with Clic is that there is the choice of using ‘sain disgrifio’ as well. With the difficulty of picking up accents and speed then this describes, between people talking, what is going on. The language is slower and clearer though it would depend on your level if it is easier as there are no sub-titles. Generally the sain disgrifio explains things just before they happen so you can congratulate yourself if people do what you think was said or sigh a little if you have got it wrong. I love PyC as you can guess.


This is becoming almost unwatchable lately. I’ve just caught up with the christmas episodes and my eyes hurt from all the rolling they’ve been doing. Does everyone have a 5 minute memory?


Thank goodness I’m not the only one. I realise it can’t be easy keeping a storyline going, but some of this stuff beggars belief!


I’ve just had chance to see Sunday’s omnibus and the week before was very busy! I was curious who actress playing grandma Parris was, it turns out this is the actress’s third visit to Cwmderi and therefore her third different character. There is a lot more people than normal willing to undertake slightly dodgy dealings, normally it is just Gary and Gwyneth


Is it just me or is there something very Charles Hawtrey-esque about Iori (the old guy)?


Thursday 3/1/19 …

Dai - “'sna’m anifail ar gael yn dechrau gyda Q yn Gymraeg.”
Jim - " … "
Dai - " … "
Jim - “Cyw iar?”



The omnibus has auto subtitles and it said animal beginning with ch, no wonder I didn’t get it.


I’ve just managed to catch up on PyC after being away since before Christmas and I have to agree with those who think it’s getting so ridiculous it’s almost unwatchable.

Who in their right mind would casually walk into a boarded up old mine, especially someone like Gaynor who is supposed to be intelligent? And that Parry grandmother just irritates me. I used to think Iori was an interesting new character, but if he’s going to fall for her then I’m off him as well. Anita hasn’t managed to cheer up over the festive season, and we’re back awaiting the downfall of Jason. How long can they drag that out?


Not to mention the idiocy of the DJ/Gwyneth fandango.


Despite rumours to the contrary , Sheryl is alive and well and doing jury service in the new drama 35 Awr.
And wait ,is that Angela on the same jury , doing an ’ Apple Tree Yard ’ ?


I agree, it’s getting absolutely ridiculous! I have kind of depended on PyC having at least some basis in reality but now it’s awash with all sorts of nonsense.
Jason was never going to be cured of his addiction overnight so I do think it’s realistic to play that one out. One of the most annoying things for me (aside from the nonsense) is that Britt obviously has mental health problems and no-one has thought to get her seen by a Dr!!!


There are so many familiar actors in 35 Awr from different S4C shows. It’s great to see them playing other roles!


Yes, if they’d cured Jason’s addiction too easily that would have been very unrealistic. They need to show just how cunning an addict can be to make that a really useful plot line.
I think Gary was suggesting that Britt needed professional help, but Colin persuaded him to let him deal with her. They’re really not considering the children though.
I’m teetering on the edge of giving up on PyC. It’s served its purpose and given me lots of everyday colloquial Welsh, but I might move on to programmes with a bit more substance to them. I watch very little TV so I need to be quite particular about what I choose to watch!


Um, not sure if PyC ever had any real substance. I am still happy to use it as a learning tool despite generally hating soap operas. I do like the acting though. If I had started watching PyC for the first time with Danni leaning over Gwyneth in the hospital I would have got a very different view of culprits and victims. Although the Matthew thing could have been another very serious issue I really loved his acting around the age of the new girl. Iori is lovely but I think the grandmother on the buggy was just a bit too Benidorm for me. The cave thing was a nonsense but has provided some topics for the future eg Ed kissing Gaynor, the revelation around the will and where this will go, the getting together of Angela and Hywel.


I do agree about the acting. Some of the characters seem to constantly go from being a villain to a nice person and back again, and how they manage to portray their changing personalities is amazing. Sioned is one that has changed so many times over the years I’ve been watching it. She’s played by a brilliant actress, and Danni is nothing like she was a few years back, and Gary Monk has always been a fascinating character … you see what has happened there? I’ve talked myself into continuing watching it :rofl:


Well done Dee!! :rofl::rofl:


Just a random thought as I sit in a Pret waiting to go to a meeting. Based on some comments about not really liking some of the new characters I reckon everyone I didn’t like at first have probably nudged up to be amongst my favourites! So much for my ability to judge character or do PyC people purposely start off as a little obnoxious?


Um, looks like I may be posting too frequently on this topic :grimacing: Anyway, I sometimes wonder if I have missed an episode or two when I thought I religiously watched them all. So, tonight, Angela speaks to the French nurse in Welsh but it turns out that Sioned is back in Wales and the nurse is Welsh. What programme did I miss, or did I?


I wondered that too @peterallen but they did mention in the episode before that they were going to stabilise her before flying her back to Wales, so I guess they just left that as understood when suddenly she was back in Wales again.

I can’t see anything in the future for Jason but jail now - being addicted to gambling was one thing, but now he’s committing quite serious fraud that’s something else.


Do you think Angela did something to make Sioned ‘crash’ again? She could have ‘fiddled’ around with her infusions or injected her with something?! :syringe: She is a nurse so knows what’s what.
I wouldn’t put anything past the writers at the moment.
They filmed in my son’s mate’s house, in Cardiff, a couple of weeks ago but not being a fan, he doesn’t know what the storyline was. :triumph: