Apps: Known issues and workarounds


Diolch Leane!

pinging Androidy @jamesmahoney :slight_smile: :star2:


I have seen this, but I haven’t had a chance to investigate yet…


The listening practices are actually present, but their titles happen to match the lesson title, so they’re easy to miss. See the attached artfully annotated screenshot.

There is a workaround to fix correct the titles, but it will involve me talking to the overworked sole SSi developer, so for the moment you’ll have to take a guess at which the listening practice is.


Listening titles should be correct now - try refreshing the course details…


Gwych - diolch yn fawr iawn i ti James :star: :star2: :slight_smile:


All sorted now in my android app. Thank you!


V minor issue, but I have uploaded a photo to my profile yet I am still showing up just as a letter. Probably something I’m doing wrong, but any idea what?


you’ve probably changed your SSi website photo, rather than your forum photo…



Thank you! I’ve tried following that link and changing it there. Fingers crossed it will filter through.


And it has. Wheee!




Ble mae her? Ar app yn Safon 3/ Level 3 does dim her ar gael ar ol 15. Dw i weds trio newid e gyda “refresh” and does dim newid.Diolch


The reason why you can’t see anything beyond 15 is simple: they don’t exist yet, at least in the southern version. The “missing” challenges are work-in-progress, usually there will be announcement messages on the forum when new challenges are published. @iestyn might know more about the expected timeline.


Ti’n cywir. Dw i weds edrych ar heriau ar y we one nes i ddim trio nhw. Ar ol i fi trio nhw nawr mae neges yn dangos.