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Apps: Known issues and workarounds


Nope, that didn’t work.


Thank you. Rich has already had a go. Is it supposed to download when you want, do you know? Or is it access to only 1 lesson a day?


I really can’t say, I’ve never used the app (I only use a pc) and I haven’t done the course itself. Hopefully Gisella or James will also pick up the message soon and be able to help.


OK - been out - back now…

So, are you connected to a WiFi?..

…can I check that have logged in?



So if you untick the option (screen 1) if it applies, and press the cloud next to a lesson (screen 2) - what happens?


Everybody’s faster than me! :sweat_smile:

In addition to what @rich said, or if everything seems still stuck:

  1. check all sets (courses, levels, etc) cause there might be other ones accidentally queued before those you wish to download now. And they go in chronological order as you clicked on them, so might take a while!

  2. It happened once recently I waited and waited, deselected and reselected them, logged out and back in, closed and restarted the app and the first in the queue was just apparently downloading endlessly despite being on a fast WiFi connection. :scream:

I uninstalled and reinstalled the app, and then it worked fine! (In case everything else fails)



Still the same. Queued.


@rich yes, wifi home hub is on all the time, phone autoconnects when at home


@gisella-albertini will try as you say, thanks!


(Duplicate post to finish the query on this thread as well.) @siaronjames @gisella-albertini

I see - it’s a subscription thing! - at least we’ve figured out what’s going on! :grin:

Yep, the App is just a teaching aid - so if you want to sign up to something, that is done on the SSIW website.

There are courses where you get help and extra tasks or, just subscribe and work through wourself.

Rich :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi, on Slack I post but nobody sees it. Please help.
Thank you.


I can see it fine Jen.


Thanks, Can you please do me a favour and comment on in Slack? I am still trying to figure out why my posts do not get comments. There is a glitch somewhere. Also, can you see it by logging into Slack without clicking directly on the link? I might have to reach out to Slack’s helpdesk if we cannot figure this out. I want to try first. Thanks! @aran @nia.llywelyn @gisella-albertini do my posts come up in Slack?

Please advise and comment on the video if you can see it in there. Thanks!


Hi, sorry for all the questions. I just saw your reply. For some reason, I am only seeing replies in the “Threads” section over to the left, but not in the group at all. Is this normal?

I hope I am not waking you up. I never know whose notifications are on or off.

Thank you, and please let me know if I need to ask this somewhere else. I am glad I am figuring a bit of it out and suspect I have a learning curve to face also.


If someone replies in the thread option (as I did), that’s where you’ll see it. It’s not a glitch, it’s just an option (it’s so that people can reply directly without tagging - like the grey ‘reply’ on here.)

All platforms work slightly differently and it does take a bit of getting used to - just like cars when things like indicators, lights and windscreen wipers are never always in the same places!)


In my case the main reason is…well…that I login to Slack basically only when I’m about to join a chat group - which hasn’t happened since June! :grimacing:

The Welsh Speaking group is an amazing resource, and I don’t mean to criticize it in any way.
But to be honest, me personally, I found the platform itself quite confusing and I never really got into hanging out in there much or refer to it for finding news.

I tend to use the Forum more, that’s how I started and pretty much always did, after all!

But regarding your question, let me just check and if I see your post I’ll comment there, if not, I’ll come back and edit this comment and let you know!


Thank you. I rarely log in for the same reasons, plus the things I post rarely get replies. I found this forum has a lot more interaction, versus the Slack app, same few people talking to each other. Methinks I will stick to posting in here instead of Slack. The weekly chats are at 9am my time, which don’t work for me but work for others. I’ll stick to this and few other apps. Thanks @gisella-albertini – we are on the same page.


Thank you for leaving a comment on my Youtube video. I left you one on yours.