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Aran and his audience of millions


Aran will be giving Jeremy Vine a 10-minute Welsh lesson on air tomorrow. What a way to celebrate St David’s Day!

'I want to be a Welsh speaker because...'
Jeremy vine and saysomethinginwelsh

Wow, what a fantastic opportunity for SSIW to get some exposure. Presumably Aran is ‘dialling in’ ?

That has got to be worth a listen! :smile: :smile:

Rich :slight_smile:


This is awesome for helping more people to know about, to listen to, and try speaking, Welsh.

Who would have thought that a London-based journalist would become so supportive and interested in our language and culture?

@aran, I hope that you have a wonderful experience doing this- ond cofia, paid ag addysgu Jeremy sut i regi! :man_teacher:


No, he’s actually making the trip down to London. That has to be done face-to-face for it to work well.


That’ll be two of us in London - will it be able to cope??


I’ve just realised this was already posted under a different topic, so I didn’t recognise it. If anyone wants to comment further, just pop over to Article by Aran in Nation Cymru where you’ll get all the background leading up to it as well :slight_smile:


Is it on at 12 o’clock? Just says lunchtime :thinking:


Over in the other thread, Aran says they are due to start at 1pm :slight_smile:

Completed SSI Spanish tourist course - far better than phrase books!

I’ve just checked the BBC 2 Schedule and the Jeremy Vine programme goes out between noon and 2 pm so Aran must be halfway in. I’ll be tuning in from noon “ar y ffordd i Lundain” :slight_smile:


Thanks Dee


Yeah, I was feeling quite relaxed about it until you phrased it like that… :wink:


Pob lwc heddiw! Not that you’ll need it :smile:


Top stuff @aran That was fantastic.


Fantastic chat with Jeremy Vine today. I hope that traditional teachers take note of your system Aran.


Wasn’t it though? I got quite emotional. I hope that lots of people listening motivated to give SSiW a go. It demonstrated so well what a brilliant technique of teaching Aran has developed


What you managed to fit into that ten minutes or so was truly remarkable, Aran. And in fairness to Jeremy, he was an excellent, enthusiastic learner. I don’t recall ever hearing anything quite like it on mainstream radio.


Here’s the link for anyone who wants to listen back, the item begins about 1.05 in to the programme.


I managed to find Radio 2 on the car stereo after setting Radio Cymru as my default programme for months. Really enjoyed the programme and what an advert for SSIW that was. I switched straight back to radio Cymru to find the Jeremy vine programme being discussed and heard Nicky bigging up SSIW’S method and Beca Brown and crew mentioned too. What a great day for this community that has been created. I will look forward to the Bangor uni idea developing in the future.
There was a down side as after completing all the challenges I expected to be better than Jeremy vine but failed on ‘want to’ i said moyn ha. I’ve been gogged again. :joy:


Yep, just 10 mins after his Radio 2 appearance, Aran appeared on Taro’r Post with Garry Owen! A few of us made it on too!

For SSIW related highlights:

29:00ish: Beca talking.
47:45ish: Aran talking.
55:00: Me talking.
58:00: Me again.


Brilliant diolch. I missed aran and Beca. :+1: