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Aran and his audience of millions


Brilliant stuff! Dewi Sant just told people gwnewch y pechau bychain, but I think you’ve just gone and gwneud peth enfawr iawn @aran !


So very much THIS @aran @catrinlliarjones @Iestyn

Gog and all :sweat_smile:


Thanks for putting the link up for the Jeremy Vine segment.

WOW! How wonderful!! I’m so impressed how so much happened is such a short amount of time. I hope he brings Aran back for a longer lesson! =) Or maybe SSiW should just have a weekly show. !!


I sent the Jeremy Vine show an email to tell them how much I enjoyed the segment, and requested he have Aran back. :slight_smile:

Here’s the email if anyone else feels like doing something similar! :wink:


Wonderful work by Aran and crew. I wonder how many Welsh learning websites crashed on Friday?!


Wonderful Aran. O’t ti’n anhygoel. Wonderful Aran. You were incredible.


Isn’t it brilliant how @aran has turned something negative into something so positive. We need more of this! Be more Aran!

Most often Welsh makes the news because someone is complaining about a lack of provision or poor provision. Important, but not as effective as positive action like this.


Was SO pleased excited proud & happy to hear Aran taking on Jeremy Vine! And doing it with grace and enthusiasm and such a strong guiding hand. But us SSIWers knew that already! Need more of this positive broadcasting of the joys of learning Welsh so there’s less of the “they only speak Welsh when the English turn up “ attitude. Ive had more arguments on that subject than I care to remember​:triumph::triumph:
It was also quite nice to hear JV sounding a bit less exuberantly self confident…one chwarae teg iddo fo


Just listening to the recording of the Aran’s appearance on the JV programme. Excellent, Aran, quite ardderchog. Well done!

Also enjoyed your intro on the SW show.


Aran’s performance on Jeremy Vine was so inspiring and brilliantly delivered that I would be very surprised if there weren’t a measurable increase in Welsh and learning Welsh.

Has it been possible to detect a spike in SSiW sign-ups, for instance?


That would be very interesting to know, Huw. We already have at least one new learner who identifies herself as having arrived directly as a result of the JV show (on the thread “Ask your first question about SSIW in here”).


Yes, pretty big jump in sales the last couple of days - calming down again now, but that’s normal for this kind of stuff.

Thank you all so much for such enormously kind words - you’re over-doing it a bit and making me blush, and Catrin thinks that ‘Be more Aran’ is an extraordinarily BAD idea… :wink: :joy:


Oh, so did Aran turn him into a Gog?
Da iawn, and double brownie-points then! :wink:


That was brilliant. Well done Aran, it was lovely to hear all the same things click into place that I think all SSIW learners get.

I’m English, my son is at Welsh medium primary, we now have very extensive conversations in Welsh and we love it. It’s just been a real adventure for us.



In that case perhaps we should all ‘Be more Catrin’ as, ‘behind every great man there is a great woman’!!

Okay, now I am caught up in an inner conflict about whether the phrase is a little non-PC as I can hear Annie Lennox singing ‘Sisters are doing it for themselves’. Um :thinking:


Does dim g :smile:


I heard the reaction on Taro’r Post before I heard the original show. It was absolutely fantastic! You were brilliant, really patient and your answers to his questions about the language were spot on! Your answer about “connection” really resonated with me


your answers to his questions about the language were spot on!

I agree. In particular your answer that learning Welsh was not a “duty” was exactly what I think. - All carrot and no stick - as far as I’m concerned. :smile:


I can’t begin to express how wonderful that is to hear… :slight_smile: :star: :star2: :heart:


ardderchog, mae fe wedi neud rhagor ar gyfer y Iaith ers Gwynfor Thomas ac Aran!