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jeremy vine saysomethinginwelsh

had a listen to this this morning aran, wow he’s got a good memory!! wish i’d progressed at that speed! good to fly the flag for saysomethinginwelsh and cymru cymraeg too!



@aran Indeed! I hadn’t come across this. Diolch!


Well…I couldn’t let aran miss someone enjoying the biggest lesson all over again :yum:


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i searched for a similar thread, was suprised when i couldn’t find one, obviously didn’t look properly!


Oh, I don’t know…I think some of my pronunciation is pristine, then listen to my recording and shudder… Welcome to one of an internaut’s little foibles :expressionless:


I’m really working on my pronouniation at the moment, it’s pristine in my head, then when i’m speaking it sounds very hit and miss with some words! Sometimes i find myself trying to say something i’ve only ever heard read, or maybe heard on radio cymru, so it’s not suprising i suppose. i’ve really learnt not to be too hard on myself and laugh about it, because the progress is noticeable and very heartening :slight_smile: i’m sure you’re better than you realise and persistance is everything in this world!


I think that learning languages is a lifelong practice, and getting the pronunciation right towards the start in order to be easily understood and to build up good habits is very helpful. SSIW is unparalled in getting people doing that well from the very first minute. Developing an accent however takes longer, and is more to do with trying to feel like a native speaker. That comes from exposure, and use of, the language for hundreds of hours and more. But it will come!

If you do have regular conversations with a native speaker or naturalised learner then you can ask them for direct feedback on your pronunciation and accent; most people will be happy to give some friendly pointers.


Good suggestion!


…is always welcome!

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I saw a quote on the wall of a boxing gymn behind someone who was speaking on the TV recently. I liked it because it works on multiple levels and it has stuck with me:

“Hard work beats talent, if talent doesn’t work hard.”

… you decide for yourself which category you are in but either way it applies to you!

Rich :slight_smile:


i love it! i’m definitely hard work not talent, perseverence gets you far in life!


Yep, absolutely - me too!

Rich :slight_smile:



Oh yes…there is more here:


and here for a little context:

It’s been rather :crazy_face:


Sorry then for this “double” (triple, quadruple) . May the moderator suppress this présent topoic then ? (I could suppress my post, but what about the answers).
I’m sorry, when I wrote it I was not leaded to an already wirtten pot; Maybe because of a keyword not beeing présent. Sorry, really
Shame on me !!!


Ce n’est pas né cessaire @mcbrittany it happens frequently. :upside_down_face:


No shame and no need to moderate. I’ve simply shifted it. :smile: