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Are there written transcripts for each lesson?



I am absolutely positive there will already be a thread for this, but I am relatively new at learning this forum and I cannot find it with a search (at least nothing beyond 2017)

Is there a written version of each lesson? I do understand that the point of this is to be able to speak Welsh, as opposed to read/write it, but my own learning style cries out for being able to do all three. Even if just the English sentences were available for me to then translate myself (using the spoken lesson to confirm) that would be a great help.

Diolch in advance :slight_smile:


Hi Dee,

If you’re referring to the challenges, there is no actual transcript. But if you click on ‘vocabulary list’ under each challenge, you will get a list of words and phrases in English and Welsh used in each of the challenges.



Hi Rob

Thanks for the reply, it is indeed transcripts rather than the vocabulary lists :slight_smile: I think I will just have to go through and do my own which isn’t a bad thing as it means I have to listen to them again and any practice is good! :blush:


I have transcriptions of the english sentences of challenge 25 of Level 2, and all Challenges of Level 3 - southern version.
If you’re interested, just let me know!


That would be fantastic, thank you! I’m nowhere near that yet but it will definitely come in handy when I am :blush: Are you able to attach them here?


I can’t remember what types of files can be attached to the posts here. Anyway since it seems you don’t exactly need them right away, I’ll check it out when I’m home (next week). If you don’t hear from me, feel free to send me a reminder!


I would be very interested in these transcripts. I’m on Level 3 challenge 8 so they would be right at my level.


Ok, after the 18th iwhen on my computer I can send them to you as well!


That would be fab. Thanks