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Breakthroughs: Does anybody have small successes/breakthroughs speaking Cymraeg they want to share?


Great Sasha! I remember 13 to 15 as real tough ones, so I’m sure you’ll be able to surf towards challenge 25 super-smoothly! :smiley:


Wow! You are seriously flying through the first level! Dyna gwych! (that’s great!) You have an ear for languages.


I remember those lessons in Level 1, (the dwedodd lessons) and I thought I’d never get it, yet now, nearing the end of Level 2, I know that things eventually sink in if you let them.

I did my hour talking only in Welsh this week. There were lots of gaps and struggles, and although I knew there was so much more I should be able to say, I just coudn’t dig it out of my brain. However, I would never have thought I could have even atempted that five months ago. Welsh seems to have permeated most of my my life now with dipping into S4C and Radio Cymru, and even if I wake in the night I stick ear phones on and redo a lesson.

I sometimes get scared when I look in a dictionary and see how many hundreds of words there are out there that I will need to learn eventually,:roll_eyes: but it soon passes. :grinning:

That is a beautiful song by the way.


Awww, thanks for the encouragement! :relaxed: I think I was very lucky - I got to go to private school for one year in the first grade, so for that brief time I was getting French classes and instruction in the phonetic alphabet, grammar, writing in cursive… then off to public school where I was told not to use any of it until it “was taught…” if ever. I did not forget, I kept teaching myself French words and added Spanish a couple years later so that I was prepared in seventh grade when Spanish was finally introduced. I have not been a monoglot English speaker since 1983, and it has made all the difference.


I have been doing my best to make that a reality for myself and I am seeing the benefits, I think. I can hardly wait until I can have a conversation in Welsh… I think I am just about ready, it’s more a matter of nerve at this point. Soon, I hope! :grinning:


If you want, I run an “East Coast Weekly Meetup” each Thursday 7-8PM EST, so 4-5PM your time. You are welcome to join if the time works. Currently we have beginners to intermediates and we try to say one sentence in Welsh followed by the translation. We are always learning new words, so we’ve found having a translation helps in learning. If we don’t know the Welsh word/phrase, we just say it in English and keep going.


@sasha-lathrop it’s really wonderful to see your enthusiasm and your progress! Thanks for sharing with us! :sunny: :slight_smile:


I am free at that time on Thursdays @delawarejones and I am definitely going to think about joining in. They way you describe it doesn’t sound too scary. Hehehe. I’m going to put it on my calendar.

@AnnaC I am glad :relaxed: It has been a lifelong dream since I was a little kid to learn the languages spoken by my ancestors who came before me (I was a weird kid haha), only I had no idea where I came from until very recently. I’m a second generation adoptee, so there wasn’t much information available. Now that I do, I feel so excited to finally begin!


@sasha-lathrop How great that you’ve been able to discover more about your history. I’m American, have zero Welsh ancestry, but have been interested in Wales since childhood. I’ve been having a blast learning Welsh with SSiW for the last 3 1/2 years -it’s so much fun! @delawarejones’s group is definitely NOT scary, we have a lot of fun. It would be great to have you join in! :slight_smile:


I’m American too, I live out on the west coast in California. I’m looking forward to giving it a try. I’ve set a reminder on my phone :grinning::+1:


So pleased you’re doing so well, Sasha… :star: :star2:

Would you mind if we quoted you on that, on Facebook? We’re testing out different ways of bringing new learners in (we need to be able to do it at breakeven or better, so it’s kind of fiddly and challenging!) - and I think such a heartfelt moment of success would be really inspiring… :slight_smile:


I don’t mind at all! I’m happy to help share the joy.:grin:


Dw i wedi archebu parti penblwydd i fy Mab heddiw a wnes i gneud popeth yn y Gymraeg! Dw i’n teimlo’n hapus iawn iawn iawn :rofl:
I booked my Son’s birthday party today and I did it all in Welsh! I’m feeling happy happy happy :laughing:
Diolch yn fawr iawn Arun a pawb yn y SSIW - my confidence is really starting to grow. Dw i dal teimlo’n ychydig o nerfus pan dw i’n siarad cymraeg ond dw i’n dal trio!


Da iawn Kate! Well done! :star: :slight_smile:


Gwych - llongyfarchiadau MAWR, Kate! :star: :star2:


Oh boy, so last night I was just getting up to go to bed, and one of my favorite Welsh songs was playing, and this is what my happened in my brain:

The singer from Adwaith is singing something like this…
"…Fell a fi moyn mynd i gysgu… "

Me: Hmmm… Gysgu… Gysgu… i gysgu… Whoa that sounds like a mutation. What would mutate to form i gysgu…? HOLY COW, is she going to sleep too?

Whoa… Synchronicity at its best if I understood her correctly! If not, I want to know! :smile: :wink:


Well, not that I’m the most reliable here, but I hear the same. :smiley:
And the best is that these kind of things just stick to the brain with no effort!


‘Falla fi’n moyn mynd i gysgu’ - absolutely, spot on… :star: :star2:


And since this forum is an awesome place to ask questions. I understand everything in the sentence but the falla. Help?


falla is the spoken version of efallai, meaning ‘perhaps’ or ‘maybe’ :slight_smile: