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Bridgend (Pen-y-bont ar Ogwr) monthly meetups


The next one is 9th March


Yes, all welcome


Sorry, should have said it’s at IL Panino.


Just to clear up any confusion - we are meeting this coming Saturday (9th Feb) and the second Saturday of March (9th) upstairs at Il Panino 10am.
Whether Jyoti and I will be there depends on how things are with my mother. She picked up an infection (hospitals are great like that!) and we had a long day at the hospital yesterday. They’re running more blood tests on Friday and we’re hoping all will be well.


I’m sure John will be there and maybe Martin


Sorry it’s a bit late - but just a reminder that the SSIW group are meeting tomorrow at 10am upstairs at Il Panino.
See you there!


SSIW group meeting tomorrow 10am upstairs at Il Panino Market Street Bridgend


Hi Is there a meeting this Saturday 8th please?
Dw i’n mynd i drio ymuno.


Helo Carin, I didn’t get a response from my post prior to the May event so I went along anyhow and it was going ahead! I said that I was unable to attend this month and they didn’t say that it wouldn’t be going ahead, so I’d go along if I were you. Hope that helps. Gwylan


Sorry, I’ve only just seen your message. Yes, we are meeting tomorrow. Hope to see you then


Diolch am y croeso boeth y bore 'ma. Dw i’n gobeith i dod tro nesa eto.





Can you let me know when and where the next Bridgend meet-up is please. I am reasonably new to SSIW and really struggle with finding people in my valley to speak with. Thank you.


The Bridgend meeting is the 2nd Saturday of every month upstairs in Il Panino Bridgend, by the Post Office. There is also a Port Talbot group which i smeeting tonight. If you search the threads you will find that group too incase that’s of interest. Diolch a pob lwc :slight_smile:


Hi @roz, if you sign up for the weekly newsletter, it has a list of SSiW meetups at the end with the details of when and where they happen :slight_smile:


Thank you, will do.


Diolch, my mind is completely blank, where is the town centre post office? I always use Brynmenyn!


Hi all, we are meeting tomorrow at Il Panino. It’s opposite the main Post Office which is opposite (on the other side) from the Weatherspoons and next to the cenotaph.
Hope to see you all there, Jenny (dryw bach)


Noswaith dda pawb. (Probably wrong but hoping it’s good evening)
Are the meets always at 10am?
I do Parkrun weekly, which is 9am to 10am.
I am very new to the course but am remembering the short course GCSE i did back in 2000. (Was it really that long ago!)
Would love to be around people conversing in welsh.
Would a walk and talk be something people would be interested in?
Many thanks.
Angharad x