Casual Cooish - a topic to practice Manx, open to all!


Va ny cookies feer vlasstal, myr shen dee mee ad mee hene! Cha row mee ayns San Francisco rieau agh ren mee chlashtyn dy vel eh feer hilly dy jarroo! Va mee ayns America yn sourey shoh chaie, ayns Orlando, Florida. Agh er lhiam dy vel San Francisco feer anchasley rish Orlando! Cre’n sorçh eymshyr ayd ayns y Geurey ayns SF? T’eh feayr er yn Ellan Vannin nish agh t’eh gaase ny smoo feayr.

The cookies were very tasty so I ate them myself! I was never in San Francisco but I heard that it’s very hilly indeed! I was in America last summer in Orlando, Florida. But I think that San Francisco is very different to Orlando. What kind of weather do you have in Winter in SF? It is cold now in the Isle of Man but it’s getting colder.


@aran Feysht vie! :smiley: Ta’n lught-thie aym veih yn ellan. Agh ta shin cummal ayns ny Steatyn nish, as hie mee sheear dys San Francisco! Ta mee cummal shoh ec y traa t’ayn, as gynsagh gaelg :smile:. Agh cha noddym feddyn Gaelgyr shoh! Ta mee foast ronsee! Nish, ta mee cliaghtey rish yn moddey aym :grin: agh cha nel gaelg mie echey.

As ta’n eymshyr shoh feer gheayagh. Ta kay dy-liooar. Agh cha nel eh ro olk. S’mie lhiam y kay. Ta’n ennym er Karl :smiley:. Ta shen cur orrym gearey.

Great question! My family is from the Island. We live in the states now, and I went west to San Francisco. I live here at the moment and learn Manx. I cannot find a manx speaker here! I am still searching! Now, I practice with my dog, but his Manx is not good.

And the weather here is windy. There is a lot of fog. But it’s not so bad. I like the fog. His name is Karl. That makes me laugh.


How interesting - thank you! How old were you when your family moved? Or were you born over there? [Sorry for my lack of Manx - I’ve only had time to do two days so far… :slight_smile: ]


:+1::+1: Shea dty vea! Va mee feer veg. Haink mee dys ny Steatyn bleeantyn er-dy-henney. She feer vie t’ayn :slight_smile:. Ta’n shiaghtin shoh Thanksgiving. Ta mee goll gee ram kellog-frangagh (I just look up this word its ‘french rooster’! :joy:) as jeeaghyn er y bluckan coshey Americaanagh.

You’re welcome! I was very little. I came to the States years ago. It’s very nice. This week is Thanksgiving. I’m going to eat a lot of turkey and watch American football.


Ta shen feer symoil! Kys t’ou gynsagh Gaelg? Vel peiagh erbee elley ta loayrt Gaelg syns SF? S’doillee lhiam dy loayrt Gaelg as ta mee cummal er yn Ellan Vannin!

That’s very interesting! How to you learn Manx? Is there anyone else who speaks Manx in SF? It’s difficult for me to speak Manx and I live on the Isle of Man!


Kys ta mee gynsagh Gaelg? Ta mee gynsagh dy moal ee! :joy: Agh ta mee lhaih lioaryn. As ta mee clashtyn (?) dys SSi as podcast. Ta mee gimman dagh laa dys yn obbyr aym. Ta traa dy-liooar aym. Er lhiam nagh vel peiagh erbee ta loaryt Gaelg ayns San Francisco. Agh ta mee foast ronsee! As uss-hene, kys t’ou gynsagh Gaelg? Vel oo cliaghtey ee dy mennick?

How do I learn Gaelg? I learn it very slowly. lolololol. But I read books. And I listen (?) to SSi and podcasts. I drive to my job everyday. I have a lot of time. I don’t think there is anyone who speaks Gaelg in SF. But I am still searching! And you, how do you learn Gaelg. Do you practice it often?

Anyone else doing the Cornish course?

Ta mee jus goaill toshiaght lessoon jees! Hooin roin!

I just started lesson 2! Lets go!


Me, too. Very naughty. My dabbling instincts are to take it on alongside SSiW 6mths and treading water with Irish. Welsh is priority but lovely that Welsh and Manx pop into my head together.

I spurn Manx orthography for the mo, and Welsh orthography strictly to be able to “hear” where my ears are a bit muffly…

I hear Manx, I have mental picture of how the words’ cognates in Irish look. Or maybe I “see” the Welsh word that’s wanting to muscle in…

I am nibbling at challenge 2. I’ll do little or no repetition or pausing. I’ll plough on but it is a sideshow.