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Cerdded a Chlonc Ceredigion


It’s been a while since we used to get together for the Touring Ceredigion meetups, so it’s nice to see that this group is starting up in the Aberaeron area - nice and central for everyone living in Ceredigion!

It will take place between 1 and 3 pm on the last Friday of each month - with this month’s meetup tomorrow - June 25!

Any Welsh learners near Aberaeron?
Post-Pandemic Meetups

I’m in Aberaeron sometimes so this sounds very promising. Thank you!


We are in Aberystwyth so this sounds perfect- in the diary for next month


I’n in Aberystwyth too, looks like a trip to Aberaeron is on the cards :slight_smile:



If you’re interested in going along to the Meetup in Cei Newydd above - contact @nia.llywelyn :slight_smile:


Ydy’r cyfarfod Aberaeron ymlaen fory? Oes rhywbeth i gael yn Aberystwyth?


Dw i ddim wedi gweld ble bydd y cyfarfod ym mis Awst eto.

I haven’t seen where the August meetup will be yet.



@suzannellewelyn. We’re meeting up at New Quay tomorrow at 1 pm.
We’ll be discussing next month’s meet up as a group tomorrow.
Some people have mentioned changing to a weekend day as well.
We’ll let everybody know as soon as possible.


The meeting tomorrow is in New Quay, Cei Newydd, see poster…


Diolch am y manylion. Dw i’n chwilio am rhywun/pobl i ymarfer siarad ger Aberystwyth. Oes na ddiddordeb da unrhywun i gwrdd dros disgled mewn caffi yn rhywle?

Anyone near Aberystwyth want to meet up for coffee and speak Welsh?


Hi there - my wife and I live in Aber and would be great to get some practice - we are both level 2.


Ardderchog. Efallai allwn ni gwrdd rhywbryd ar y prom?


syniad da - gallem gwrdd un prynhawn yr wythnos hon? Dydd Mercher neu ddydd Gwener efallai?


Dydd Mercher yn iawn i fi :+1:


Da i ni. Byddwn ar y prom o 2pm a fy rhif i yw 07968 005591 - dim ond rhoi galwad i ni pan t’yn barod


Gwych! Gwelwch chi fory :slightly_smiling_face:


@nia.llywelyn Hiya - do I recall you (or someone!) saying there is a planned SSiW get together in Aberystwyth on Saturday 25th September?